Adriano Costa. "Philosophical Hat".

“Philosophical Hat”, Adriano Costa’s latest solo show

(Lisbon, Portugal) Rui Chapéu (or Rui “Hat”) was a famous snooker player in Brazil in the 1980s. His real name was, in fact, José Rui de Mattos Amorim; the “Hat” part was adopted after the white beret he wouldn’t take off. The mythical hat also inspired Adriano Costa’s latest solo show, “Chapéu Filosófico” [Philosophical Hat], which opens today at Múrias Centeno. According to Costa, Rui’s carefully choreographed moves at the billiard table “made me think about the need for pleasure when producing art”.

Gianni Motti. "Big Crunch Clock".

The inexorable onward march of life in “Telling Time”

(Boussu, Belgium) First exhibited in the home of the art and craft of watchmaking, the city of Lausanne, in Switzerland, the exhibition “Telling Time”, which investigates the universe of timekeeping, opens next Saturday, January 21nd, at Le Grand Hornu. Bringing together design pieces, historical artifacts and contemporary art work—PIPA Prize nominee Lenora de Barros, for example, has a piece in it—, the show builds up an unexpected and revealing panorama of our relationship with time and the way we tell it.


Open talk about the “Traveling Artist” takes place in Jacaranda art space this weekend

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) This weekend marks the actual beginning of 2017 for the art circuit of Rio de Janeiro. Asides from two openings—”A luz que vela o corpo revela a tela”, group show curated by Bruno Miguel, and “Máquina Devir”, solo exhibition by Maria Lynch—this Saturday, January 14th, also features the open talk “Artista Viajante” [Traveling Artist] at Jacaranda art space, located in Villa Aymoré. The panel invites artists Carlos Vergara, Isabel Diegues and Cadu, winner of PIPA Prize 2013, to share their views on the subject.


Featuring 21 galleries from all over the globe, Condo London 2017 starts this weekend

(London, UK) Fifteen of the most innovative young London galleries share their spaces with 21 galleries from abroad. Meet Condo London 2017, which begins this weekend in London. Presenting galleries from all over Europe, Asia and the Americas, this is the second edition of the festival, which started last year. It may be wise to split the visit in parts, though: the path from the first to the last participating gallery is 14.6 miles long.


Group show reflects on the contemporary Nordic identity

(Copenhagen, Denmark) Is it possible to delineate a Nordic identity nowadays? The question guides the group show “Nordic Delights” (a play of words with the Turkish dessert “Turkish delight”), which opens this Saturday, January 14th, at the Fotografisk Center. Inviting photographers and visual artists who currently reside in the Nordic countries, but whose roots are elsewhere, the exhibition aims to question the idea of a general “homogeneity” between these countries’ art scenes.

Donald Sultan. "Untapped Cities: A fine Lyne".

“Spots, Dots, Pips, Tiles” presents the game of domino in art

(New York, USA) Believed to have been born in China in the 12th century, the game of domino is the theme of the group show “Spots, Dots, Pips, Tiles”, which opened in the Hunter East Harlem Gallery in October last year. Very popular in the neighborhood of East Harlem, the ancient game is here used both as an aesthetic reference—the case, for example, of Hélio Oiticica or PIPA Prize 2010 nominee Erika Verzutti’s works being shown—and as a metaphor, capable of representing urgent and broad themes such as political struggles, religious beliefs, and racial stereotypes.

Paulo Nazareth. From the "News from the Americas" series

“New Shamans” brings to Miami the major issues of Brazil

(Miami, USA) The Rubell Family Collection Museum presents—timed to Art Basel Miami Beach—the exhibition “New Shamans/Novos Xamãs: Brazilian Artists”. The show is a result of the Rubells’ extensive research trips to Belo Horizonte, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and features works which address universal environmental, social and political concerns by 12 up-and-coming artists: Lucas Arruda, Thiago Martins de Melo, Sonia Gomes, André Komatsu, Daniel Steegman Mangrané, Maria Nepomuceno, Solange Pessoa, Paulo Nimer Pjota, Marina Rheingantz, Eli Sudbrack, Erika Verzutti and PIPA Prize 2016 winner Paulo Nazareth.


MAM-Rio’s institutional history is discussed in two exhibitions on view

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) In this new year, the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM-Rio) presents two exhibitions intrinsically related to its institutional memory: “Todo ideal nasce vago”, by Eloá Carvalho, and “Attension”, by Carlos Zilio, a play between the words “attention” and “tension”. Each approaches the theme, however, in very different ways: while MAM-Rio’s history works as inspiration for Eloá’s paintings, Zilio literally reenacts it. After all, “Attension” is an identical version of the show of the same name that occupied MAM-Rio exactly 40 years ago.

Antonia Dias Leite. Eterno Retorno 18, Impressão Inkjet 41.2 x 55cm.

Antonia Dias Leite delves into the everlasting transitoriness of the world in new solo show

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once stated that “you could not step twice into the same river”. Antonia Dias Leite, PIPA Prize 2012 nominee, seems to agree. Her newest solo show, “Eterno Retorno” [Perpetual Return] goes until February 19th, 2017 at Paço Imperial and delves into the everlasting transitoriness of the world. A flow marked by the collision of the real and the surreal, “in a steady process of creation, destruction and renewal”, as put by Fabiano Post in the introductory text to the exhibition.


Lucia Laguna’s latest solo show, “While I drink the water, the water drinks me”, is guided by the concept of reciprocity

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The artistic path trailed by Lucia Laguna, PIPA Prize nominee in 2011 and 2015, is quite an unusual one. Having worked as a school teacher until she was 52 years old, it was only after she retired that, enrolling in the Visual Arts School of Parque Lage (EAV), she started painting. Laguna rapidly became something of a phenomenon in the arts world, exhibiting her works in renowned institutions from around the globe. “While I drink the water, the water drinks me” is the latest addition to this list: curated by Clarissa Diniz and Cadu, PIPA Prize 2013 winner, her first individual at the Museum of Art of Rio (MAR) runs until the end of February this year.

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