‘NO MAN’S LAND’: Women Artists from the Rubell Family Collection’

(Miami, USA) The Rubell Family Collection presents: ‘NO MAN’S LAND’: Women Artists from the Rubell Family Collection’ The exhibition, opening on December 2nd to coincide with Art Basel Miami Beach week, will focus on and celebrate works by more than a hundred female artists of different generations, cultures, and disciples. Paintings, photographs, sculptures and video installations…


Opening | “Fotos contam Fatos”, group show with over 50 artists

(São Paulo, Brazil) The selected works represent a diverse universe of postures that transcend the isolated meaning of an image and gather together exterior connexions by using a series of strategies, such as the disposal of multiple images in narrative sequences or the use of photographs treated as semantic unities in “visual phrases” that create bigger sets.


Matheus Rocha Pitta revisits the Hebrew legend of the manna

(Milan, Italy) “NO HAY PAN” is a very simple sculpture: a bread filled with sand, that has to be used and opened, in order to be revealed. The sculptural project is a radical reading of the legend of the manna; the miraculous bread which the Hebrews ate in the desert whilst escaping slavery and making their way towards the promised land.

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