• Read an interview with Grupo EmpreZa for Marina Abramovic Institute


    Grupo EmpreZa (GE) was one of the eight Brazilian artists selected to perform live during “Terra Comunal – Marina Abramovic + MAI”, on view through May 10th at SESC Pompeia, in São Paulo. Performer Marina Abramovic and curators Paula Garcia and Lynsey Peisinger selected eight Brazilian artists to join MAI Presents, one of the sections on the exhibition. Curator and writer Ulisses Carrilho wrote a text with statements by the art collective for Marina Abramovic Institute with thoughts about their works and experiences in the exhibition. Read the text and learn more.

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  • Read an interview with Ayrson Heráclito for Marina Abramovic Institute

    "Transmutation of Meat", photo by Victor Nomoto

    Ayrson Heráclito was one of the eight artists selected to present live performances during “Terra Comunal – Marina Abramovic + MAI”. Performer Marina Abramovic and curators Paula Garcia and Lynsey Peisinger selected eight Brazilian artists to join MAI Presents one of the sections on the exhibition. Heráclito was interviewed by curator and writer Ulisses Carrilho for Marina Abramovic Institute. Read the interview and learn more about the artist and the exhibition.

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  • Vogue Brazil highlights Berna Reale’s career in April issue

    "Rosa púrpura" ["Purple rose"], 2014, video, 3'02"

    This month’s issue of fashion magazine Vogue highlights the work of Brazilian performer Berna Reale in article by the journalist Ana Carolina Ralston. Born in Belém do Pará, the artist will represent Brazil at the Brazilian Pavilion of the 56th Venice Biennial. Ralston points out the violence episodes suffered by women around the world were the main inspiration for “Rosa Púrpura” [“Purple Rose”], work which Berna Reale will present in Venice next month. The relationship among the criminal expert position and Reale’s art, and the importance of aesthetics to her works are also themes for the article entitled “Beleza Cruel” [“Cruel Beauty”].

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  • Updates on artists’ pages | Antonio Bokel and Fábio Magalhães

    “Next Second” from the-series “The Great Body”, 2008, Oil on Canvas, 110 x 140 cm

    Artists who took part in PIPA Prize, in any edition, can highlight their works in a page at our website. PIPA 2015 Nominees have already start sending material to create or update their pages – if they were nominated in previous editions. They can send any type of material, such as imagens, critical texts about their works, videos. Today, two artists, Antonio Bokel and Fábio Magalhães, had their pages updated with artworks images, information about careers and other details. Both of them were nominated for the first time in 2015. Access the pages and learn more about these artists.

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  • Matheus Rocha Pitta “Fonte para o Manifestante Desconhecido” | See images of the action


    Born in Tiradentes, MG, Matheus Rocha Pitta was a PIPA 2012 finalist and nominee in 2011 and 2013. Last saturday (April 11th), in São Paulo, the artist continued his experimentations on the edge of different mediums and expressions with the action “Fonte para o manifestante desconhecido” [“Fountain for the unknown protester”]. See images of the event by photographer Vitor Salerno, read a text by Germano Dushá about the work, review a video-interview given by the artist in 2011 and lear more about his career.

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  • Solo show by Rodrigo Braga is highlighted in Brazilian newspaper


    An article about “Tombo”[“Tumble”], Rodrigo Braga’s most recent solo show, was published yesterday (April 13th) on Jornal O Globo, a Brazilian newspaper. The text by Daniela Labra highlights the exhibition on view at Casa França-Brasil. The site-specific was created specifically for the central area of the exhibition space. There, 15 logs of approximately five meters will be disposed on the floor, segmented from five centenary royal palms. “Tombo” creates an immediate relation with the 24 internal columns on the gallery space, which is one of the neoclassic marks in Brazil, constructed in 1820 by French architect Grandjean de Montigny.

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Weekly Agenda

  • Schedule | 4th to 8th May

    Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

Art Circuit

  • Tomorrow | “Ambiguidades” – group visitation and open talk with artists and curator

    (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Alexandre Dacosta, André Sheik, Bob N, Eduardo Mariz, Felipe Barbosa,Greice Rosa, Julio Castro, Leonardo Ramadinha, Lia do Rio, Marcio Zardo, Marco Antonio Portela, Mirela Luz, Osvaldo Carvalho, Patricia Gouvêa, Raimundo Rodriguez, Rogério Reis, Rosana Ricalde, Suely Farhi and Xico Chaves take part in this show, somehow uses ambiguity as a fundamental value in the construction of their personal speech, frequently appreciating the ideals of informality, fragmentation, discontinuity, unfinished, and indetermination of results.

  • Opening | “IDENTITY/MEMORY”, with Alexandre Mazza, Ivan Grilo and Nazareno

    (London, UK) The body of work in this project is composed of a spontaneous assemblage of submitted works, from artists all over the world – Brazil, Mexico, USA, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Thailand and Australia. Some of the artists have a personal connection to me, whilst others encountered the project proposal online. This project took a virtual format through its beginning and middle stages – a virtual gallery setup and crowd-funding event – and now concludes with an exhibition gathering a selection of each of the selected works.

  • This week at MAM-Rio

    Last week of “Mutações” ["Mutations"] at MAM-Rio with 103 works by Argentinian artist Matías Duville, created between 2002 and 2015, and proposes an iconographic interpretation of a drawings, paintings and installations selections, in which four images of the artist appear: mutation, shelter, storm and imaginary. This is the last weekend to check out “Actions, strategies, and situations…”, a group show curated by Marta Mestre that proposes a new look over the Museum’s collection. See the full Museum programme, the Cinematheque calendar and screening times and the Education and Art activities.

  • Opening | “It’s Gonna Rain”, solo show by Cadu

    (Nowy Sącz, Poland) “It’s Gonna Rain” by the Brazilian artist Cadu reads like an analogue hypertext, full of looped narratives and topographical references. The works are stand-alone but they also build mutual relationships, like an experimental piece of music, in which sound is complemented by the text, movement or object. At the periphery of these overlapping languages, a space has been created for disruption, noise and action aborts. These are all indispensable for complementing the processes set in motion during the exhibition, summoning the realness of life in the context of art, founded on the destruction and rebirth of the concept of creation.

  • The 56th edition of Venice Biennial begins next week

    (Venice, Italy) The 56th edition of Venice Biennial begins next friday, May 8th. The title chosen for the International Art Exhibition is “All the World’s Futures”. As part of the traditional National Participations, the Brazilian Pavilion will present the show “So much that it doesnt’t fit here”, with works by André Komatsu, Antonio Manuel and Berna Reale. The title of the exhibition was inspired by the signs seen in demonstrations which took place in Brazil’s capital cities in June of 2013.

  • “IDENTITY/MEMORY” discusses the definitions of identity and memory in society

    (London, UK) Alexandre Mazza, Ivan Grilo and Nazareno take part in the group show “IDENTITY/MEMORY”, that presents works by other 24 artists discussing the definitions of identity and memory in our society. They tend to be classified individually, fulfilling specific functions in our lives. Though, if both terms are put in perspective, one can understand that the linking bonds between identity and memory have multiple formats and shapes.

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