Last days | “Resonancias”, collaborative how by Ding Musa and Iñaki Domingo

(Madrid, Spain) Ding Musa and Iñaki Domingo are two photographers from the same artists generation that share common interests based on concepts of light, perception, space and geometrical forms. Their collaboration began in 2014, when they decided to maintain a visual dialogue. Through this communication, they shared researches and concerns – culminating in this exhibition, where they are presenting the result of this partnering for the first time.


“Zeca, the king of scrap” | Watch PIPA 2015’s new special video

PIPA’ special videos series was created in 2011 to stimulate and contribute with the debate and reflexion about art. The idea arose during the early years of the Prize, from themes that were raised during interviews with PIPA Nominated Artists since 2010. We release today “Zeca, the king of scrap”, and we meet the owner of a scrap heap in Vigário Geral, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who receive visits from artists searching for raw materials.


Daniel de Paula presents works giving continuity to project at Galeria Leme

(São Paulo, Brazil) Daniel de Paula’s project articulates these different scales in an installation that brings together numerous rock core samples resulting from geotechnical surveys, which are perforation processes for the exploration and recognition of the subsoil, used in civil engineering to get the necessary geological information required for dimensioning and defining the type of foundations which will be the basis for a construction.

Last days | Exhibition “Ficções” dives into contemporary artistic narratives

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The exhibition highlights the plurality of Brazilian art. As well as betting on the strength of Rio artists, the show brings other cities close together. “Narrative resources such as simile are very important when it comes to Brazilian art. This is an exhibition formed by a crossing between contemporary art and literature, film, theatre and music, among other languages. At no point we are illustrating a book of stories”, says curator Daniela Name.

Project “SITU” #2

(São Paulo, Brazil) This project invites a number of Latin American artists to, one after another, take hold of the external spaces of Galeria Leme’s building, devising temporary and site-specific works which relate both to the construction and to the adjoining public space.

Last days | Solo exhibition by Lucia Koch

(Santa Monica, US) Throughout her career Lucia Koch has become known for her interventions within existing architecture, either through her use of sculpture, photography, video or colored filters. In this, her second exhibition with the gallery, she will intersect the entire space with a gradient printed on fabric — something that moves in space but is constant, subtle, transformative and never repeating.


Last days | “Rede de Memórias”, solo show by Luiz Hermano

(Recife, Brazil) To Luiz Hermano, the artistic practice is incorporated in what is expressed in his own work. The artist researches his material with the goal of creating “a beautiful and poetic art to show a simple beauty” found in his daily life. He recalls his experiences from countryside life in Ceará, when he was still a child.

Last days | Project “SITU”, presented by Galeria Leme

(São Paulo, Brazil) The curatorial focus falls upon artists whose researches gravitate around architectural and urban space issues, as well as other tangential topics. In addition, there is an emphasis on Latin American artists, as they have another bodily and intellectual understanding of space that comes from an intense familiarity with the complexity of the public sphere and of the urban and social processes that are specific to Latin America.

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