• Changes on PIPA Online and partnership with Sacatar Institute maintained

    In 2014, PIPA Online dismembered in two categories. This alteration will continue for PIPA 2015. An Artistic Residency Program at Sacatar Institute is among the prizes offered for the two online categories. Paulo Nimer Pjota, PIPA Online 2014 winner, has just arrived to the Institute, in Bahia, Brazil,where he will stay for two months. This year, an alteration suggested by 2014 Nominated Artists will be applied, changing the Regulation for PIPA Online. Learn more about the alteration and Sacatar Institute.

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  • PIPA winner takes part in artistic residency in New York


    As in the previous editions of IP Capital Partners Art Prize, the winner of the main award wins a prize of R$100,000 and part of this value (approximately 20%) is assigned for a participation of the artist in an International Artistic Residency Program, for the period of three months. From 2010 to 2012, the chosen program was at Gasworks, in London. From 2013 until now, winners started taking part in the Artistic Residency Program at Residency Unlimited, in New York. Cadu, PIPA 2013 winner, was the first winning artist of the prize to join RU, and soon, Alice Miceli, PIPA 2014 winner, will participate in the residency program. During her stay in New York, Alice Miceli will give three exclusive interviews, so we can follow up her experience in the city and the involvement in the program, as it happened with Cadu. The partnership between Residency Unlimited and PIPA Prize worked so well that it will stay for 2015. PIPA winner this year will join the program in 2016. Learn more abou RU and watch the videos by Cadu during his residency.

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  • 2015 Venice Biennial Brazilian Pavilion selected artworks announced

    André Komatsu

    The works by Brazilian artists who will feature in Venice Biennial were announced this week. They will take part in the exhibition “So much that it doesn’t fit here”, curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio, assisted by Cauê Alves. André Komatsu, Antonio Manuel and Berna Reale are the artists chosen to represent Brazil in the Brazilian Pavilion. The choice of the artists and their respective works had as main criteria the relevancy of the artists poetics in the contemporary scenario and the fulfilling to a history, not only art history, but the conflicting Brazilian sociability.

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  • Confirmed artists on the sixth edition of PIPA Prize | Updates everyday

    Maxim Malhado

    PIPA 2015 Nominees list was released through March 9th to 13th. The artists were selected by the Nominating Committee members, since there are no enrolments for the prize. Only the nominated artists that sign the Term of Participation and accomplish all the requirements of the Regulation within the terms fixed, are considered Participating Artists and may run for the awards in its four categories. See the 46 artists confirmed on the sixth edition of PIPA Prize.

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  • Virginia de Medeiros works with video-installations to approach human diversity

    Virginia de Medeiros

    Virginia de Medeiros is one of the confirmed artists among PIPA 2015 participating artists. Nominated for the first time in 2014, Medeiros replied to critic and curator Alejandra Muñoz’s question: “How do you choose the predominant themes in your work?” in a video-interview on that year. “I am interested in entering situations where the social code and morality are different from the normative standards, being impacted by these codes and seeing what connection this will have in me”, explained Medeiros. Watch the video.

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  • Arthur Scovino | PIPA 2015 confirmed participating artist

    Arthur Scovino

    Arthur Scovino was a PIPA Prize nominee for the first time on last year’s edition. He was selected once more by PIPA 2015 Nominating Committee, signed the Term of Participation and confirmed his participation on the prize’s sixth edition. In 2014, we interviewed Scovino, who talked about how moving from Rio de Janeiro to Salvador, Bahia, took part in his personal project of becoming a Bahia native. He sees this experience as a “real life” art residency. In this same interview, the artist mentions his relationship with vinyl and Instagram, and their correlation. Watch.

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Weekly Agenda

  • Schedule | 24th to 27th March

    Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

Art Circuit

  • Opening | “Bye Bye Brasil, topologia do afeto”, solo show by Gabriela Noujaim

    (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Gabriela Noujaim left Rio de Janeiro, city where she lives and works, and travelled to the Brazilian countryside, in a network topology. Her final destiny was the city of Juazeiro do Norte, in Ceará. During her stay in the city, Noujaim registered the scenarios and local happenings in photographs. These registers feature the exhibition along with images from the movie “Bye Bye Brasil”, by Cacá Diegues. In this show, the artworks by Gabriela Noujaim compose a dreamy universe that goes beyond what’s real.

  • On view | Occupation ARTE SONORA, produced by Franz Manata and Saulo Laudares

    (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) ARTE SONORA is an artistic practice by the duo Franz Manata e Saulo Laudares. The project started in 2009 at Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage and assumed numerous formats: workshops, happenings, podcasts, exhibitions, publications, radio shows, web actions and residency programs. Wednesdays and Fridays will be dedicated to The Place, a practice developed by the duo since 1998, which consists in a collective space of sound experiences, where artists, researchers, DJs, musicians and the public share their interests and experiences in sound.

  • 27 Brazilian artists feature the group show “Imagine Brazil”

    (São Paulo, Brazil) “Imagine Brazil” brings together 14 young artists who are amongst the most creative of Brazil’s emerging contemporary art scene. Each of these 14 young artists was asked, in turn, to invite an established artist whom they considered to be a reference or someone whose work was similar to their own and to whom they wished to pay tribute. Adriano Costa, Cinthia Marcelle, Deyson Gilbert, Gustavo Speridião, Jonathas de Andrade, Marcellvs L., Mayana Redin, Paulo Nazareth, Paulo Nimer Pjota, Rodrigo Matheus, Sara Ramo, Sofia Borges and Thiago Martins de Melo are among the names in this exhibition.

  • On view | “Elements of Beauty”, solo show by Carla Zaccagnini

    (Colchester, UK) Carla Zaccagnini’s project, “Elements of Beauty”, revisits the campaign for women’s suffrage in Britain a century ago. The installation examines a series of actions that took place in British museums between 1913 and 1914, when over 20 artworks at the Manchester Art Gallery and the National Gallery in London ­– most notably, Diego Velázquez’s The Toilet of Venus (or The Rokeby Venus, 1647–51) – were attacked by Suffragettes. Zaccagnini’s artwork draws upon research into this history, quoting statistics, primary evidence and newspaper reports from the time, and information about the artworks at the centre of the iconoclastic acts.

  • This week at MAM-Rio

    Two new shows were opened at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro: “Mutações” ["Mutations"], by the Argentinian Duville, and “Precious few…!” , with an excerpt of the museum’s international collection ( including works by Giacometti and Keith Haring among others). This is the last weekend to check out “Thresholds – The Joaquim Paiva collection at MAM”, currently with nearly two thousand works by Brazilian and foreign photographers. The show was extended until this month. At the Museum’s Cinematheque, a special program with films by French documentarist Nicolas Philibert. See the full Museum programme, the Cinematheque calendar and screening times and the Education and Art activities.

  • Carla Zaccagnini and Runo Lagomarsino in survey exhibition in Scandinavia

    (Malmö, Sweden) The artworks in the exhibition have been categorized into five loose themes: charting and topography, violence and destruction, collapsing distances, traversing languages and regions, dislocation and (de)constructing national identity. The groupings are formally represented by a display structure and graphic system designed by the artist Luca Frei, invited by the artists for his own interest in sculpture as a form of display.

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