Thiago Martins de Melo

“Bárbara Barroco” solo exhibition by Thiago Martins de Melo in Guadalajara

(Guadalajara, Mexico) Thiago Martins de Mello, PIPA Prize 2014 finalist and 2016 nominee, presents his first solo exhibition in Mexico, “Bárbara Barroco”. The show also introduces the artist’s first filmmaking incursion: a narrative that marks his transition from a visual imagination to the big screen, guided by the effects of colonization and the abuses of capitalism. The exhibition is an extension and development of the project “Bárbara Baclava”, initiated earlier this year in Brazil.


Residency Unlimited & Visual AIDS: Open Call for Curatorial Residency

Residency Unlimited, a PIPA Prize partner – since 2013, PIPA Prize winners are granted a 3-month residency programme there as part of their award – has joined Visual AIDS as co-sponsor of a one-month curatorial residency to take place in March 2017 in New York City. For the fifth year running, the residency seeks to encourage the development of exhibitions, programs, and scholarship about HIV/AIDS and contemporary art and is open for a curator, art historian, or arts writer interested in the intersection of visual art and HIV/AIDS.

Marie Orensanz (Argentinean, b. 1936),, Limitada (Limited), 1978
Photograph, edition 1/ 5. 13 3/4 × 19 11/16 in. (35 × 50 cm). ©Marie Orensanz.

“Radical Women” brings Latin American female artists into the spotlight

In an effort to address the absence of Latin American female artists in the history of contemporary art, Hammer Museum opened, in September, the exhibition “Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960–1985”. The show, which aims to give voice to the Chicano and Latino female artists living in the US and in Latin America between 1960 and 1985, presents works both by emblematic figures, such as Lygia Pape and Ana Mendieta, and lesser-known artists, such as Feliza Burztyn and Sophie Rivera. Of a total of 116 artists, twenty two of them are Brazilian, including the PIPA Prize 2010 nominee Lenora de Barros.

"A banda dos sete" ("The band of seven"), 2010

Sara Ramo participates in the group show “Performing the Landscape”

Sara Ramo, PIPA Prize nominee for three years in a row – 2010, 2011 and 2012 – participates in the group exhibition “Performing the Landscape”, presented simultaneously in five different galleries in Calgary, Canada. The show aims to turn the landscape genre upside down through the work of 13 international artists, who introduce elements of performativity into the ‘natural environment’. The exhibition runs until November 12th.

"When Everyone is Silent", 2009, photographic register during performance, 100x150 cm

Berna Reale talks arts and politics in interview for Happening

Berna Reale – winner of the 2012 PIPA Online and PIPA Prize finalist in 2013 – was interviewed for the website Happening as part of the series “The politics of change: art in the political sphere”. In the piece, she reflects on the importance of discussing politics through her work and art as a vehicle for social change. “I don’t think art is capable of changing the world”, she says, “but I can try, we must try.”


Carla Zaccagnini participates in the group show “Reproductibilitat”

(Majorca, Spain) The exhibition discourse stresses how the dematerialisation of art and the practices that employed the technologies influenced the production of contemporary culture and the visual arts. In addition, the selected works serve to introduce us to the finds that sought out the temporary structure of audiovisual recordings, thus making progress on fundamental questions regarding the ontology of the gaze and the new relationships with spectators in the “odour” dimension.


Talks at MAM-Rio | ‘PIPA Invites’ event discusses new challenges in curatorship

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) PIPA Prize, in collaboration with the art educators Virginia Mota and Jean Soares, presents “New Challenges in Curatorship”, the first talk of the programme ‘PIPA Invites’ which will be centered on the issues faced by the contemporary curator. The guest speakers Clarissa Diniz, Chief Curator of Museu de Arte do Rio (MAR); Luiz Camillo Osorio, PIPA Institute Curator and Head of the Philosophy Department at PUC-Rio; and Felipe Ribeiro, Curator and Artistic Director of the festival Atos da Fala, will discuss the relationship between curators, artists and works of art and the future of art exhibitions, among other topics. The talk will take place on October 19th at 3pm at the exhibition’s Living Area at MAM-Rio.


PIPA and Camden Sentido – Ronald Duarte and Vijai Patchineelam

PIPA Institute, in partnership with Camden Sentido, will be exhibiting an online screening programme curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio. Ten artists were selected under four topics (under the main idea of one country, many worlds / diversity, adversity) with a selection of two artists in each of them: 1 post­coloniality and altermodernity ; 2 ­ religion and politics; 3­ tropicalism and gender; 4 ­social conflict and class issues in a fractured society. ­The screenings, exclusive to our website, will be on view throughout the months of June to October. This fifth, and last screening, will feature the works “Fogo Cruzado” (Crossfire) by Ronald Duarte and “Akinesia”, by Vijai Patchineelam.


André Kotmasu participates in the project “Anything to declare?”

(Prato, Italy) The concept of this annual manifestation is the idea that we have today about borders, therefore an issue of our days very much but also discussed and controversial. It arises from an idea of the art director Fabio Migliorati and it can be summed up in the phrase “Anything to declare?” that can be found in every border. The solo exhibition, by André Komatsu, is an event to celebrate the opening of the Pecci Museum, in Prato, Italy. The Brazilian artist’s sculptures and installations employ architectural and design forms to critique prevalent social orders. A recurrent motif in his oeuvre, the concrete wall symbolizes the stagnant bureaucracy and roadblocks that create social imbalance, while his appropriation of modernist forms highlights the failures of idealism promulgated by past art-historical movements.

(Co) habitar

Cinthia Marcelle participates in the group show “(Co) Inhabit”

(Lisbon, Portugal) “(Co) Inhabit” brings together works by the artists Lia Chaia and Andrea Brandão that explore the habitable spaces in many aspects. On one hand, they were invited to occupy, temporarily, the same expositive space. On the other hand, their creative processes lead them to different imaginary places, formed by each personal story, culture and political view. In that way, the exhibition proposes a reflection about the city as an heterogeneous place, filled with multiple layers in constant conflict.

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