• Nominated artist interview | Zezão

    José Augusto Amaro Capela, also known as Zezão, began his quest to conquer the underworld with graffiti in São Paulo in the 90s.
    In this video he answers a question by critic-curator Renata Azambuja: “Do you work alone or collectively?”
    The artist explains how his route through art led him increasingly further collective work, but at the same time, being a self-taught artist, he believes the street was his university and his personal experiences determined his trajectory.
    Watch the video.

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  • Interview with Virgínia de Medeiros

    In her video-interview, Virgínia de Medeiros replies to Alejandra Muñoz’s question: “How do you choose the predominant themes in your work?”
    “I am interested in entering situations where the social code and morality are different from the normative standards, being impacted by these codes and seeing what connection this will have in me”, says the artist, whose preferred language is video-installation.
    Watch the video.

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  • Exclusive artist interview: Rodrigo Braga

    When I decide to do something it means i cant wait any longer. Id say its almost through a limiting condition when I’ve had enough of ‘not doing it’. That is when I take a break to isolate myself a little from that routine condition that we assume. ”
    Such is the way Rodrigo Braga begins his reply to Alejandra Muñoz’s question: “In general, in your activity, how does a new project start?”
    Braga does not work a lot in his studio, as he does not have a creation routine. “It usually happens to me in a mood or state of imminent events”, he explains.
    Watch the video.

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  • Interview with artist Renato Pera

    Renato Pera is a multimedia artist born and currently living in São Paulo. Below is his exclusive interview, as a first-time PIPA nominee this year.
    In reply to Alejandra Muñoz’s question, 2014 Nominating Committee member, about how he begins a new artist process, Pera says “it starts with an intuition of a subject or image, (…) sometimes when I walk on the street and see the same thing I have always seen yet it suddenly seems strange.”
    Watch the video.

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  • Diego de Santos wins the PIPA Popular Vote Online 2014 | Five artists in the running for PIPA Online 2014

    Last Sunday the 10th, the second round of voting for PIPA 2014 Online ended. Diego de Santos was the most voted by the internet audience and therefore is the winner of PIPA Popular Vote Online. He will receive a R$5,000 prize.
    Diego de Santos, along with the other artists with most votes, is running for PIPA Online, with a prize of R$10,000 plus a two-month residency at Instituto Sacatar, Bahia. See the final score, find out who is running for PIPA Online 2014 and understand the differences between the two awards of the Prize’s fifth edition online version.
    The PIPA Online winner will be decided by a Jury and the announcement happens next Friday, August 22nd .

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  • Watch this week’s video interviews: Ana Paula Oliveira, Beto Shwafaty and Toz

    This week, three artists’ interviews were released:
    Ana Paula speaks about her installation “Ainda que te vi”. The inspiration came from the artist’s travels through Central Brazil, from observing heavy clouds, which the artist interpreted as suspended marble stones.
    Beto Shwafaty says he always starts from a research, that the kind of art he creates is based on that and on processes of information gathering, exploration of archives and randomness.
    Graffiti artist Toz talks about how his characters started being recognised and gained specific features, and of the differences of working in the streets or in a gallery.
    Watch the video-interviews.

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Weekly Agenda

  • Schedule from 16th to 22nd August

    The group exhibition “Quase figura, quase forma” presents works by Felipe Cohen, Marina Rheingantz and Tatiana Blass in São Paulo. Be sure to visit Beto Shwafaty’s solo show “Remediações”, also on view in the city. In Rio, “Pouco a pouco”, the solo show by Marilá Dardot is closing soon. Laercio Redondo holds a talk this Saturday, about his project “Lembrança de Brasília” in Berlin, while Henrique Oliveira exhibits an installation at the Palais de Tokyo, in Paris. Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

Art Circuit

  • Performance action by Matheus Rocha Pitta integrates group exhibition

    (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “Sopa de Pedra” ["Stone Soup"] is based on a popular tale of a hungry stranger who is denied food upon arriving in a city and when he manages to eat, he shares his meal with the city inhabitants. The performance action by Matheus Rocha Pitta integrates the group exhibition “to see what is coming”, mixing in science fiction in order to explore through art our relationship to the future, either activating the past or even debating the present.

  • Denise Gadelha, Luiz Roque and Rommulo Conceição take part in group show “Outro Museu”

    (Pelotas, Brazil) The curatorial concept behind the “Outro Museu” ["Another Museum"] is that what artists and collectors donate to the Museum are memorable presents for the history of art. The exhibition presents these donations, from artists as well as collectors, that made their passion for art public.

  • Artist talk with Laercio Redondo on his project “Lembrança de Brasília”

    (Berlin, Germany) Laercio Redondo’s project “Lembrança de Brasília” ["Memory from Brasília"] is based on the historical work of Brazilian artist Athos Bulcão in relation to modernism, the construction of Brasília in the late 1950s and the city today. It reflects upon an important artist in the recent history of Brazil and discusses modernist architecture and its utopias as a means of transforming Brazilian society.

  • Group show inspired by cartography features artworks by Fabio Morais and Rosana Ricalde

    (Moss, Norway) In “Mind the map”, historical maps will be complemented by contemporary art featuring work by artists who work with cartography and maps either directly or in a more subtle manner, resulting in an exhibition that is political, poetic, conceptual and highly visual, revealing issues related to power and power structures and geopolitics seen from the perspective of a world in constant change.

  • Last days | “Nervous Systems – Languages of Wonder & Denial”, group show with Cinthia Marcelle

    (Aarhus, Denmark) The exhibition brings together historical and contemporary works which experiment with, and enact scenarios for what a restless and evolving language might look and sound like. Providing a soundtrack of sorts is a video work by Cinthia Marcelle and Tiago Mata Machado’s “O Século” ["The Century"], in which objects are choreographed in a falling and colliding sequence, evoking a language of protest or breakdown.

  • Sandra Cinto on view at the Canary Islands with new artworks

    (Canary Islands, Spain) Sandra Cinto is one of the great innovative drawing artists in the Latin American art context, where she stood out for her way of expanding the media until a position where it dialogues to painting and sculpture. From drawing, she intervenes graphically in architectural spaces, objects or any image, that become hybrid. “La otra orilla” ["The other shore"] comprises three large installations made with the three medias that sustain the artist’s production: paintng, sculpture and drawing.

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