“Dissonance” rethinks canonical narratives of video art within the context of global practices

(Los Angeles, USA) The 90-minute screening features video artworks that highlight opposing and often discordant realities as they are lived in different contexts within Latin America. The tension resulting from the often-uncomfortable encounter of disparate gender, class, and political realities, among others, is uniquely performed in a variety of artist videos ranging from the 1970s until today.

antonio bokel 2

Antonio Bokel takes part in the group show “Point of View”

(Sintra, Portugal) The exhibition implies the creation of a series of purpose designed installations, strategically located across different points of the Park of Pena, that above all incorporate the natural materials that the same Park has to offer. They shall remain on exhibition throughout an entire year and not subject to any maintenance work over this period given that the natural maturing of each work of art reflects another dimension to the exhibition concept.

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