• Poro Collective | Watch the exclusive interview


    Created in 2002, Poro is a collective living and working between Belo Horizonte and Salvador; this is their first nomination of the Prize. In the interview, the amusing couple tells us their work stimulate the public to see urban intervention as a debating tool and to reflect about the city. Watch the interview here.

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  • Exclusive interviews | Meet four artists who are part of PIPA 2015


    Yearly, artists taking part in PIPA are invited to record a video interview exclusively for the Prize. Through them we get to know the artists better, their careers, ideas and motivations. The interviews are carried out by Matrioska Filmes. Today we present the four video interviews released this week, with Fernando Piola, Gutavo Von Ha, Luiz Roque and Rodrigo Garcia Dutra. Watch the interviews and learn more about the artists’ works and careers.

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  • Rodrigo Garcia Dutra | Exclusive interview

    rodrigo garcia d

    Rodrigo Garcia Dutra works with painting, sculpture, video, as well as other medias. Dutra says that, for him, the Academia de Arte is more a place of exchange than one of training. The artist talks about his experiences with various medias and his preference for manual work. Watch the interview here here.

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  • Fernando Piola | Exclusive interview

    With a degree in Arts through the School of Communications and Arts of the São Paulo University, in 2007, Fernando Piola has held since 2008 four solo exhibitions in museums and institutions in São Paulo. The artist talks about the relationship between photography and his work: “Photography comes in as a record of what I did”.
    Watch the interview here.

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  • PIPA 2015 | Gustavo Von Ha in an exclusive interview

    Gustavo Von Ha’s production (first time being nominated for the Prize this edition) is developed from a research about the thin boundaries between reality and fiction, art and market, authorial production and cultural industry insite the contemporary art context. These issues also question the role of the artist nowadays. In this exclusive interview, Von Ha tells us about how he used a camera lucida (a medieval optical device) in the series “Projeto Leonilson” and “Projeto Tarsila”, in which he reproduces images of important artists in Brazilian art history. Watch the video here.

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  • Luiz Roque gives the Prize his second interview

    luiz roque

    Nominated for the second time, Luiz Roque gives us his second interview. In it, Roque tells about his two-month stay in London, in 2014. Participating in an artistic residency, he enjoyed the British city to deepen his researches. He also talks about how his work aims at creating doubts and frustrations about some concepts we may believe are right and work out issues of gender and body. Watch the video here.

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Weekly Agenda

  • Schedule | 4th to 10th July

    Ding Musa presents artworks made in partnership with Iñaki Domingo at the recently open exhibition “Resonancias”, in Spain. Both are photographers from the same artists generation that share common interests based on concepts of light, perception, space and geometrical forms. In the United States, Erika Verzutti is also on view with her first solo exhibition in New York, “Swan with Stage”. Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

Art Circuit

  • On view | Rogério Duarte has 70 pieces showcased in MAM-Rio

    (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “Marginália 1″ is a retrospective of graphic artist, musician, composer and poet Rogério Duarte, one of the minds behind Tropicalism. Among the 70 pieces are album cover art, publications, posters, never-seen-before works and personal objects like notes, sketches, photographs, videos, studies, poems and rocks, so visitors can fully enjoy the rich creative universe of this artist.

  • Artists display artworks made especially for show “Força na Peruca” | With Toz

    (Rio de Janeiro, RJ) Eleven renowned artists and a collective, of different backgrounds, fields of work and creating styles bring their works surrounding hair and wigs, created exclusively for the show. Recovering pacients self-esteem, the wig has a new meaning – “a new humanitary dimension, a resilience spirit, solidarity, joy and will to live”, defines journalist Christina Martins, the show conceiver and producer.

  • Bruno Miguel holds solo show in Colombia

    (Bogota, Colombia) The Rio-based artist presents sculptures in “Sientase en casa”. Bruno Miguel’s research regards landscape painting, from possible constructions and representations. He uses a pictorial line of thought, adding personal references, history of art, media and popular culture to it.

  • Opening | “Imaterialidade”, group show with Laura Vinci, Marcius Galan and Paulo Vivacqua

    (São Paulo, Brazil) The works were chosen by their potential of evoking the primary question the exhibition wants to raise”, says Adon peres. The exhibition highlights dematerialization as a way of stating the fragile character, ephemeral or untangible, of the work of art”, curator Ligia Canongia points out.

  • Residency Unlimited presents Screening Special Features 2015

    (New York, US) RU presents the film screening of four newly created short film and video works that were realized for Special Features 2015. The works presented are by Tracy Maurice, Rhasaan Oyasaba Manning & Lara Vallance, Sean Hanley and Lucy Munger. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the artists.

  • Éder Oliveira portrays young soldiers in solo show “Alistamento”

    (Belém, Brazil) According to Éder, “this is a very usual path for many young men in the country area, who end up regarding militarism as a way of migrating to the cities and having better living conditions, even though this is not always fulfilled. Listening to these boys stories also made me wonder who would I be today if i had not been dismissed when I enlisted.”

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