• Watch PIPA’s new special video about the Arte Clube Jacarandá


    The Arte Clube Jacarandá [Jacarandá Art Club] emerged from a group of artists and their need to find a venue outside the commercial art circuit to discuss ideas and develop experimentations. Last year’s February, they had the chance to occupy an old palace in Santa Teresa, traditional Rio de Janeiro neighborhood, where they held events and meetings weekly or monthly. Watch the video and learn more about this initiative.

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  • Berna Reale is pointed as a positive investment by Brazilian gallery

    Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 5.40.27 PM

    Brazilian magazine Valor Econômico published this week an article about the strategies in the art market, highlighting Galeria Millan’s investment in Berna Reale’s career as an important rising artist. The partnership between the artist and the gallery exists since 2013 and is giving positive results: Berna Reale will represent the Brazilian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, in May.

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  • Video with artworks and installations presented at “Ouro” now available online


    The video shows the installations prepared exclusively for the exhibition, that brought together artworks by 30 professionals from varied generations and skills. The public was guided through the exhibition space by a gold wire until meeting a goldsmith, who presented them jewelry making techniques. Among the selected artworks, most of them were brand new or rarely seen by the public. As a group they pointed to different approaches the artists took using the same material.

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  • PIPA nomination leads Toz to give score 10 for 2014


    The artist Toz, has scored top marks to the year 2014, “having been nominated for PIPA this year and have realized dreams”. He was one of 16 public figures invited by Column Ancelmo Gois in the newspaper O Globo, to give zero to ten grades for the year 2014.
    Other artists, such as Berna Reale always highlight the importance of PIPA award nominations on their careers.

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  • 2014 Retrospective and Happy 2015!

    PIPA Finalists

    2014 was the year of Prêmio IP Capital Partners de Arte ( PIPA Art Prize) 5th edition.
    We must say that we are very happy with all that has been achieved in all these years.
    In 2014 international media highlighted Brazilian artists to be watched, and all of them were former PIPA finalists. Two of them will be representing Brazil at Venice Biennale 2015.
    The 2014 exhibition at MAM was a huge success, with very good works showed by the finalists, crowning the work of Alice Miceli, elected PIPA 2014 winner by the audience and the Award Jury.
    On the online category there were two winners Paulo Nimer Pjota elected by the jury and Diego de Santos was the most voted on the internet voting.
    On Facebook PIPA has now more than 200k followers.
    Check more on the 2014 retrospective.
    We from PIPA team wish all our friends a Very Happy New Year!

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  • Venice Biennale 2015 | Brazilian Pavilion | Two former PIPA finalists selected


    It was announced the artists who will be representing Brazil at its pavilion at the the 56th Venice Biennale. Two of them are PIPA finalists: Andre Komatsu (2011) and Berna Reale (2013), the third artist in the pavilion is the long time established artist Antonio Manuel.
    The selection of the three artists were made by Luiz Camillo Osorio, chief curator of Brazilian pavilion ( also curator of Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro and a PIPA Board member) and the assistant curator Cauê Alves.
    “The choices reflect the intention of the curators to create a dialogue between a more established artist, case of Manuel, and names on the rise on the national scene, case Komatsu and Reale”, said an article at the daily news Folha de São Paulo.
    “Their artworks show engagement but without losing the lyrical identity”, said the curators as one of the reasons for the selection.

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Weekly Agenda

  • Schedule | 24th to 30th January

    Last weekend to check out “Mood Disorder”, installation by Lucia Koch in the US; the intervention “Ø”, by Renata Lucas in Austria; “Esforço Repetitivo”, solo show by João Angelini and “O Muro”, installation by Renato Pera, both in São Paulo, Brazil. On view through the end of the month, the group show by Rio de Janeiro galleries Laura Marsiaj and Tempo, with Cristián Silva-Avária, Regina Parra and Waléria Américo. Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

Art Circuit

  • Last days | Retrospective exhibition of Amilcar de Castro’s artworks

    (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) To attain such a level of understanding of art in Brazil – a country going through a nationalization spree during the Vargas administration and, subsequently, Kubitschek’s Goals Plan, when the new capital Brasilia was built – not only it called for daring architecture but also a set of significant works of art, albeit of extremely limited circulation due to feeble interest in forming public art collections. All such rich theoretical and critical reflection was based upon the domestic production of art. The work of Amilcar de Castro is one of the cornerstones of that production. This is why it is no exaggeration to say that is one of the pinnacles of art in the second half of the 20th century.

  • Last days | “Inventário”, solo exhibition by Washington Silvera

    (Curitiba, Brazil) Wooden screws. An extremely long chess board. A massive dice turned inside out. A useless table and chair set. Washington Silvera is ingenious in the art of “misusing” everyday objects, striping them off their traditional functions to attribute poetical meanings. “What separates something useful from something useless is poetry, this is the essence I am constantly after”, he tells. Even though he is an object creator, Silvera does not call himself a sculptor. “I like thinking in concepts that have poetry in them, to then attack with matter. And since I make way through several approaches, I cannot consider myself a sculptor, but rather a plural artist”, he explains.

  • Last days | “Caneta, Lente & Pincel”, multimedia group exhibition

    (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The show follows the format of the common “wireless telephone” game. In the first part, 15 two-dimension works are presented. Each was exclusively inspired by the previous one. The second part of the show comprises three-dimension works that are interpretations of the first part artworks. At this point, writers join artists to create works in doubles and trios. The game is open and we ask the public to interact with the multi faced, multimedia project.

  • Arte Clube Jacarandá prepare their first open action

    (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “Espaço art” will be located on the second floor of a car dealership soon being demolished. The show brings together 12 artists, including Carlos Vergara, one of the main articulators of the Club and there are no curators, only the artworks by each one of the participating artists: Afonso Tostes, Arjan Martins, Ashogun, Cabelo, Cadu, Carlos Vergara, Everardo Miranda, Franklin Cassaro, Paulo Vivaqua , Raul Mourão, Tomás Ribas e Vicente de Mello.

  • This week at MAM-Rio

    The exhibition “Thresholds – The Joaquim Paiva collection at MAM” was extended until March. The collection is currently with nearly two thousand works by Brazilian and foreign photographers, purchased since the 1980s. Last weeks to check out “Caneta, Lente & Pincel”, an exhibition which is an artwork in itself, reinstating its polyphonic, multimedia, collaborative aspects, in an expanded, contemporary artistic action. Last weekend of the Cinematheque special “Chaplin without Carlitos”. See the full Museum programme, the Cinematheque calendar and screening times and the Education and Art activities.

  • Wagner Malta Tavares inspired himself with poem to create new installation

    (São Paulo, Brazil) The project “Círios”, by Wagner Malta Tavares was elaborated by the artist after he read a poem by greek poet Konstantínos Kaváfis. Little incandescent led lights will be placed on the walls, each one distanced 50 meters from another, composing a shape similar to a ruler. Every time someone starts the path, the lights will ignite and turn off from where the first person came and the second is. The mix of scrolled times is important for the work: our relationship with time also modifies with the presence of others.

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