• Venice Biennale 2015 | Brazilian Pavilion | Two former PIPA finalists selected


    It was announced the artists who will be representing Brazil at its pavilion at the the 56th Venice Biennale. Two of them are PIPA finalists: Andre Komatsu (2011) and Berna Reale (2013), the third artist in the pavilion is the long time established artist Antonio Manuel.
    The selection of the three artists were made by Luiz Camillo Osorio, chief curator of Brazilian pavilion ( also curator of Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro and a PIPA Board member) and the assistant curator Cauê Alves.
    “The choices reflect the intention of the curators to create a dialogue between a more established artist, case of Manuel, and names on the rise on the national scene, case Komatsu and Reale”, said an article at the daily news Folha de São Paulo.
    “Their artworks show engagement but without losing the lyrical identity”, said the curators as one of the reasons for the selection.

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  • Artsy highlights the participation of Brazilian artists and galleries at Art Basel Miami Beach 2014

    Untitled (Gaze)

    The website Artsy published an article highlighting the participation of Brazil’s galleries and artists, like Leme Gallery and the artist Maria Laet, at Art Basel Miami Beach. “Brazil has an especially strong presence at Art Basel Miami Beach this year, as does Latin America more broadly. With its proximity to the South and its richly diverse Latin demographics, the Miami fairs have always had a greater pull for the region, but this year Brazil plants an even larger stake on the international art stage, mirroring the growing institutional focus on South American artists around the world”.

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  • Watch the new special video about the Pivô space, in São Paulo


    In this video we meet Pivô, a space dedicated to art in the Copan building. In the middle of central São Paulo, Copan is a architecture landmark designed by Oscar Niemeyer, one of the city’s postcards and theme of countless discussions about architecture and urban planning. Surprisingly, for over twenty years an area of three thousand and a half squared meters remained closed, until Pivô came about. How did the space come to be reactivated, what happens in there and how does it contribute to São Paulo’s cultural revival? Watch the video to learn more about this.

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  • The magazine Ultra Vie highlights Berna Reale among the artists present in “Art Basel”

    Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 2.39.45 PM

    The British magazine Ultra Vie published a list with their favorite artists at “Art Basel”, in Miami. Berna Reale is highlighted, among names like Cindy Sherman and Lucio Fontana, with her work “Rosa Púrpura”. The article stresses Berna’s focus on violence and how her performances are structured to reflect stimulation.

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  • PIPA 2014 Catalogue | Now available for download


    The PIPA 2014 catalogue, which is not available for sale, is now available for download on PDF version. It can be downloaded in its entirety. Every artist nominated for this edition of the prize is presented in two pages, one in Portuguese and another in English. The four finalists are highlighted further, each with four pages. The catalogue brings informations about the artists careers and images of their works. It also includes featured words – by curator and MAM-Rio president Luiz Camillo Osorio and Carlos Alberto Gouvêa Chateaubriand -, pictures of the exhibition, last year’s edition results and statistics about the nominated artists along the five years the Prize has been active.

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  • Leticia Ramos wins Novo Banco Photo Prize 2014


    After a selection jury analysing the panorama of photographic production from Portugal, Brazil and Portuguese-speaking African countries, the tenth edition of Novo Banco Photo Prize (formerly BESphoto) awarded artist Leticia Ramos as great winner. The selected artists were invited to create a new commissioned work, which are now on view in são Paulo. As well as the series “Nós sempre teremos Marte” ["We will always have Mars"], by Leticia, artworks by José Pedro Cortes and Délio Jasse, the other two finalists, complete the exhibition.

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  • Schedule | 12th to 19th December

    Check out the full agenda for this week of exhibitions and events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art in Brazil and abroad.

Art Circuit

  • Brickwork installation by Renato Pera evokes urban memories

    (São Paulo, Brazil) “O Muro” ["The Wall"] aims at evoking São Paulo’s architectural memory, as well as small, personal and affective memories of its citizens. The bricks used in the installation have been intervened to supply the wall with an enigmatic content: over one of the their sides the words “o infinito” ["the infinite"] were written, to articulate ideas on the absence of limitations.

  • 20 brand new artworks by Sérvulo Esmeraldo are on view in solo exhibition

    (Salvador, Brazil) “The sculptures made by Esmeraldo attract the gaze and seduce the thought to a confrontation between the objectivity of what’s visible and the temporary rest, essentially enigmatic. An experience that goes beyond contemplation.”, according to the artist Almandrade, who wrote the exhibition catalogue of Esmeraldo’s first solo exhibition in a Bahia gallery.

  • Otavio Schipper presents brand new works made with Tove Storch

    (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) A brand new installation is presented, made by the two artists together and thought specifically for the gallery space. The installation comprises a work by Tove, a kind of library with silk shelves. In this library’s empty spaces are works by Schipper, also made exclusively for this exhibition. The artworks are part of a recent series “Optical memory”, and consist of objects like glasses and old photographs.

  • Austrian gallery presents site-specific intervention by Renata Lucas

    (Vienna, Austria) In “Ø”, the artist has mixed literature fragments, musical phrases and architectural elements to map literal as well as symbolic escape routes, and in both senses the visitors to the exhibition are revealed to be the protagonists who complete her work. Two revolving doors that rotate in both directions and visually blend in with the building’s general style guide the visitors in an almost dancelike movement from the gallery’s entrance to the emergency exit on the other side

  • Artists and photographers brought together in group show

    (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) Two galleries have joined together to hold a group show with photographers and Brazilian and foreign artists. One of the main aspects of Cristián Silva-Avaria’s oeuvre is his interest for urban plots that define time, spaces and places in different cities. Regina Parra works with painting and video to deal with questions such as new hierarchies of power, control and cultural borders displacement. A visual artist, Waléria Américo’s experimentations travel from video, photography and intervention, investigating the relationships between the body and its surroundings; paths and shelters.

  • Solo exhibition by Laura Lima brings Dutch museum to life

    (Maastricht, Netherlands) “The fifth floor” is a groundbreaking exhibition which creates an innovative dialogue with museum practice, specially developed by Laura Lima for the Bonnefantenmuseum. The museum is ‘brought to life’ by the presence of human participants in the artwork. The exhibition includes a wide range of art pieces. The exhibition includes a wide range of art pieces. The museum is presented as a location for the production of new works and ideas by means of a tailorshop, where two tailors create ‘custom suits’ for wooden frames. The works created in this way are installed as portraits in the neighbouring rooms.

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