“Das Loch”, group show with Marcelo Cidade

(Bremen, Germany) This exhibition peers into the hole. Although the hole as an entity is difficult to grasp, holes are nonetheless ubiquitous in our environment. They are the interstices through which causal events are set in motion, the bridges that conjoin two (or more) bodies, and they aid in the creation of new connections.


“Vostok”, individual show with Leticia Ramos

(Monaco) VOSTOK is inspired by a Russian research base situated in Antarctica above the subaquatic lake of the same name. At this base, drilling going down to almost 4 km (2.5 miles) has made it possible to remove samples taken from the previous ice age. In 2012, in residence at PIVÔ in São Paulo, the artist designed and exhibited an artificial décor using a projection screen, a small swimming pool, an aquarium and a model of a submarine.

"Free Form (Brasília", 2013, video installation (2 channel), 7'

Interview with PIPA 2016 finalist | Meet Clara Ianni

In every edition of the Prize, the participating artists are invited to record exclusive video interviews, an opportunity for artists to voice their ideas, talk about their creative processes and careers. The video interviews are produced by Matrioska Filmes. This week, we released an interview with Clara Ianni, who is a PIPA nominee for the third time and finalist for the first.

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Exclusive video interview with PIPA Online Winner and the second place runner

In seven editions of the Prize, this is the first year in which three indigenous artists were nominated to participate in PIPA. Two of them won the 1st and 2nd places of PIPA Online. Watch the exclusive video interview, where Jaider Esbell (PIPA Online Winner), Makushi indian from the Amazon and Arissana Pataxó (2nd place winner), who incorporated her ethnicity to her name, describe their experiences on competing in the category in which the winner is defined by the public vote on the internet.

Camden Sentido - Arthur Scovino e Alexandre Vogler

PIPA and Camden Sentido – Alexandre Vogler and Arthur Scovino

PIPA Institute, in partnership with Camden Sentido, will be exhibiting an online screening programme. Curated by Luiz Camillo Osorio, the screenings, exclusive to our website, will be on view throughout the months of June to October. Ten artists were selected and their works will be shown in pairs. This third screening which will start today until September 9th, features the works “Base para Unhas Fracas” by Alexandre Vogler and “Recanto dos Aflitos” by Arthur Scovino.


Luiza Baldan in conversation with Luiz Camillo Osorio

In an exclusive interview, Luiz Camillo Osorio, Curator of PIPA Institute, spoke to Luiza Baldan, PIPA 2016 finalist, about the development of her artistic career, the processes by which she inserted herself in the art world and how architecture and nature play exclusive roles in her works.

Jonathas de Andrade, South American Pacific Coast, 2011

Group show “Atopía” arrives at Ecuador

(Quito, Ecuador) Atopía is a word used mainly in the field of medicine and philosophy, which means without (misplaced, scattered, migration) and also high originality and eccentricity. This double connotation used to think about how artists have dealt with the ideas of place, geography, migration, legacy, translation, crossing national, social and cultural boundaries.

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