• Exclusive interview with Diego de Santos

    Diego de Santos lives and works between Caucaia and Fortaleza, Ceará state (Northeastern Brazil), holds a degree in Fine Arts and has been presenting his works since 2005.
    In this video made exclusively for PIPA, the 2014 PIPA Online winner speaks of his relationship to photography and other languages such as installation, video and objects.
    Santos also answers a question by critic and curator Renata Azambuja: “Do you work alone or collectively?”, by saying that during the first nine years of his career his work was planned in a very lonely way, but for the last year he began a research process for a work where for the first time he assembled a team to help in the research, field work and execution.
    Watch the video.

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  • Exclusive artist interview | Gisele Camargo

    Nominated for the third time this year, Gisele Camargo presents us a bit of her everyday life and answers the question by Renata Azambuja: “Do you work alone or collectively?”
    The Rio-based artist says living in a flat above her studio is important due to the “organic functioning” it enables. Therefore she ends up in a lonely routine.

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  • PIPA 2014 Exhibition | Opening next week | September 6th

    PIPA 2014 finalists’ exhibition opens next week, on Saturday, September 6th at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro (MAM-Rio).
    Alice Miceli will show photographs from her new series on minefields; Daniel Steegmann Mangrané will make an intervention inspired in the museum’s architecture, with which the audience can interact; Thiago Martins de Melo will exhibit his already famous paintings with intense figuration and a huge sculpture; and Wagner Malta Tavares will present a video and an installation with electrical resistances.
    The four artists are running for two prizes on a total of R$120,000.

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  • Exclusive interview with Berna Reale

    Berna Reale was first nominated for PIPA in 2012. At that time, she was not represented by any gallery and was still undiscovered by the media, which later nicknamed her “Brazilian Marina Abramović”, due to her striking performances. In 2012 she won PIPA Online and in 2013 she was chosen as a finalist.
    Working as a criminal expert in Amazonia, Berna lives close to the most varied issues of crimes and social conflicts. In her oeuvre, the artist reflects upon the world and the human vulnerability, focusing particularly on violence.
    Watch her interview.

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  • PIPA Online 2014 | Meet the winner

    Watch the video to meet PIPA Online 2014 winner, who will receive R$10,000 plus a two months residency program at Instituto Sacatar, in Bahia.
    You will listen to his comments and also to Diego de Santos (PIPA Online Popular Vote 2014 winner), Augusto Albuquerque ( from Instituto Sacatar) and Lucrécia Vinhaes ( coordinator of Instituto IP and PIPA prize).

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  • Watch this week’s video-interviews

    This week we released interviews with Rodrigo Braga, Virgínia de Medeiros and Zezão.
    Braga does not work a lot in his studio, as he does not have a creation routine. “It usually happens to me in a mood or state of imminent events”, he explains.
    “I am interested in entering situations where the social code and morality are different from the normative standards, being impacted by these codes and seeing what connection this will have in me”, says Virgínia, whose preferred language is video-installation.
    Zezão explains how his route through art led him increasingly further collective work, but at the same time, being a self-taught artist, he believes the street was his university and his personal experiences determined his trajectory.

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Weekly Agenda

  • Schedule from 30th August to 5th September

    In São Paulo, artists Daniel Escobar and Yuri Firmeza present new works at their respective solo shows, “A nova promessa” and “Ruins Project”. In Belém, Gustavo Speridião takes part in the group exhibition “A impureza do mito”, a travelling show conceived by MAM-Rio that will go to Fortaleza afterwards. Last days to visit Carla Guagliardi’s solo show “Fuga” and “Restoration” by Laercio Redondo, both in Berlin. See the full schedule for the week with events related to PIPA artists, Nominating Committee members – from all editions -, Board members, MAM-Rio and relevant information about art.

Art Circuit

  • “Under the same Sun” | Modern Latin American art

    (New York, USA) The exhibition examines the diversity of today’s creative responses to complex shared realities, which have been influenced by colonial and modern histories, repressive governments, economic crises, and social inequality, as well as by concurrent periods of regional economic wealth, development, and progress. Despite financial growth and increased stability in most of the continent over the past decade, it remains divided by social and ethnic differences and marked by political and economic shifts.

  • Last days | “Afterimage”, project exhibition by Yinhua Chu and Tai-Wei Huang

    (New York, USA) Throughout the exhibition, Chu collects iscarded materials from the market vendors, bringing them into the gallery to construct the setting and scenario of “non-place,” a transient site between destinations. A selection of engravings on copper, reproductions of family photographs, will also be on view. Huang will assemble an evolving installation layered with painting, drawing, video, collage, and three-dimensional frames.

  • Last days | “The Theater of the World”, group show with Marcelo Cidade

    (Mexico City, Mexico) Ever since the representation of nations at the World Fair’s from the XIX century, to the post-war urban renovation projects, buildings raise as artificial monuments that later become obsolete even when they disguise the urban reality. The exhibition reflects on the world as stage, where the monuments, palaces, ruins and social housing projects coexist and renovate under the same façade of nation and apparent development.

  • Last days | “Remediações” ["Remediations"], by Beto Shwafaty

    (São Paulo, Brazil) The video-installation “Remediações” integrates the Project Season 2014, promoted by Paço das Artes since 1997. By exploring the connections between nature, culture, and politics, the project draws attention to the ideological uses of visuality, progress and communications through a variety of instances of power, in specific periods and places.

  • Last days | “A Voice of One’s Own”, group exhibition featuring Carla Zaccagnini

    (Malmö, Sweden) A number of contemporary artists have looked back in history at the reform work that promoted women’s rights at the beginning of the 20th century. Others have examined current issues relating to the situation for women and their access to the public sphere. Carla Zaccagnini, for instance, brings back to life one of the most radical statements of the legendary voting rights activists: “Justice is an element of beauty as much as colour and outline on canvas.”

  • Paulo Darzé Gallery presents solo show by Hildebrando de Castro

    (Salvador, Brazil) The use of images as resources to represent Hildebrando’s imagery uses naturalist ideas from the past, but recalls this past by ironically establishing new extensions that are overlapped to historically imposed aesthetic values. The universe where Hildebrando’s narrative relies upon is supplied by art, by thoughts of man on man, his idiosyncrasies and this that he creates and surrounds himself by.

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