Gasworks | “Candice Lin: A Body Reduced to Brilliant Colour”

(London, UK) The exhibition explores how histories of slavery and colonialism have been shaped by human attraction to particular colours, tastes, textures and drugs. Focusing on how the desire to wear, ingest or become enraptured by certain substances preceded the will to trade them as commercial goods, A Body Reduced to Brilliant Colour traces the materialist urges at the root of colonial violence.

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PIPA Prize 2016 Catalogue | Available for free download

The catalogue of the seventh edition of PIPA Prize is now available to download for free. The catalogue contains 211 pages, and features general information about the Prize, pages dedicated to the finalists and 71 nominees, including biographies and images of artworks, information about the 2015 exhibition and statistics from all the seven editions. There are also texts by the Curators Luiz Camillo Osorio – PIPA Institute, Fernando Cocchiarale – MAM-Rio and from PIPA’s Board members.


Sleek Magazine lists “The 5 Brazilian Artists You Need to Know”

PIPA 2016 finalist, Luiza Baldan, is featured in the Sleek Magazine article “The 5 Brazilian Artists You Need to Know”. The magazine lists 5 emerging and internationally recognised artists who “have shaped the country’s status as a beacon of contemporary art”. The article illustrates the work “Perabé” by Baldan, currently on view at PIPA Prize 2016 exhibition at MAM-Rio until November 9th.


“El Origen de la Noche” sound, time and indigenous territory

(Bogotá, Colombia) “El Origen de la Noche” unites diverse and sensitive proposals to show the relationship of the living and sacred knowledge of six indigenous communities of the Amazon Basin The exhibition also explores their relation with territory and contact with the capitalist world and its wars. The artists are interested in investigating, recording and preserving the values, knowledge and traditions indigenous cultures.

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