Launch of Investidor Profissional Art Prize – PIPA 2012

The third edition of the Prize bring some news:

  • Critic texts about PIPA 2012 Exhibition

Three young active critics of Brazilian contemporary art, will be invited to write about PIPA’s 2012 exhibition at MAM-Rio.

The invitation to critics to examine the exhibition aims to deepen the discussion of artists and works presented at PIPA exhibition, giving a critical density for the Prize and qualifying the strong growth in popularity, seen both in increasing the public attendance at the exhibition, as well as online. It is also a way to stimulate critical discussion within the exhibition space and bring the public closer to a more qualified and substantiated discussion. Since the beginning of its creation, PIPA has sought to contribute to the improvement of Brazilian art circuit as a whole.

These texts will be published on PIPA’s website ( after the announcement of PIPA winner, to avoid any influence to the Award Jury’s decision. The texts will be published, as well, in the catalog for the following year, together with the material of the exhibition to which they refer.
Throughout this edition we will provide more details and publish the names of the invited critics.

  • PIPA Online:

All the participating artists are invited to run for PIPA Online. The winner is elected on the internet by votes at PIPA website. A Facebook account is required to vote, since we use this identity and free tool to promote the online voting.

PIPA Online reached more than 9,000 votes in 2011, growing 135% over its previous (and first) edition. PIPA website received 49,000 unique visitors in 2011, growing 140% over 2010.
These numbers were strong drivers to define some changes to the PIPA Online 2012. They are:

These year PIPA Online will happen in two rounds (only artists with 300 votes (likes – in Facebook parlance), will move to the second round).
Two artists will be awarded.
The most voted artist in PIPA Online’s second round will be appointed PIPA Online 2012 Winner and will be given a R$10,000 (ten thousand Reais) donation. The second most voted artist in the second round will be eligible to R$5,000 (five thousand Reais).

  • PIPA and PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition:

These two categories will remain unchanged, keeping the same rules for 2011.
The four finalists will receive R$10,000 (ten thousand Reais), participate in the exhibition at MAM-Rio and will be highlighted on the Prize’s catalog.

The winner of PIPA 2012 the main prize, will be selected among the four finalists by the Award Jury. The winner will be entitled to a total of R$100,000 (one hundred thousand Reais), including the R$10,000 (ten thousand Reais) received when appointed as finalist. Part of this amount, around 25%, will be used to fund an international artistic residency, to be announced later.
PIPA Exhibition Popular Vote winner will be elected among the four shortlisted artists by votes left by the visitors at the exhibition, at MAM-Rio. The winner will receive an additional R$10,000 (ten thousand Reais), completing a total of R$20,000 (twenty thousand Reais). If the winner of PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition happens to be the same of PIPA, this artist will receive a total of R$110,000 (one hundred and ten thousand Reais), including the international artistic residency.

  • Videos:

Matrioska Filmes will make new videos for PIPA’s third edition, both the traditional interviews with artists and also some special videos. To watch all the videos already produced for PIPA, click here. The videos can also be watched through PIPA’s Channel on Youtube.

  • Catalog:

The catalog will continue to include all Prize’s participating artists.
2010 and 2011 issues can be downloaded for free by clicking the following links.

- Catalog 2010
- Catalog 2011

  • Regulation and Timetable:

To learn about the Regulation, Timetable and the Board for 2012 edition, browse the menu on the left bar.

On March 26th, the PIPA 2012 Nominating Committee 2012 will be announced. The members will nominate the artists for the Prize’s third edition.

To lear more about the Prize, click here.

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