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PIPA 2015 nominees | Full list

Check who were the 67 artists nominated for PIPA 2015. The artists that run for PIPA are chosen by the members of the Nominating Committee, which this year was composed of 26 experts in Brazilian contemporary art. Each member of the Committee indicated up to 3 artists keeping in mind the goal of PIPA to reward artists with recent history, with work already in evidence, promising and consistent. After signing the Term of Participation, agreeing to the rules of PIPA, artists will be able to run in the sixth edition of the Prize.

Last days | “Afluências”, group show with Marco Antonio Portela

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) The therm ‘Affluence’ represents growth or elasticity in situations or things in beyond normal quantities. Abundance, influx, convergence, festival, profusion. Flux, access, concentration, union, reunion, alluvium, power, movement, series, world, rain, confluence, sea, transit, frequency, ocean. It’s said that rivers, streams or creeks pour themselves into a bigger one. The idea of the show is to connect the meaning of this word to a conceptual proposal for 2015.

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