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“Empty House – Casa Vazia”, exhibition paying tribute to Neoconcretism

(New York, US) “Empty House – Casa Vazia” is a sculpture exhibition featuring Adriano Costa, Erika Verzutti, Marcius Galan and Rodrigo Matheus, among classic Brazilian artists such as Amilcar de Castro and Lygia Pape. Challenging the rationalism and universal objectivity of early abstraction, the artists associated with this movement sought a means of expression beyond an object’s immutable formal properties, and embraced a phenomenological, at times participatory, approach in their efforts to expand the vocabulary of sculpture.

Last days | “Colônia”, solo exhibition by Daniel Lannes

(São Paulo, Brazil) From the Portuguese royal family moving, the forming of a republic, leading to our current times, the canvases register the promiscuity of costumes and reminiscing attitudes from the relationship between settlers and colonized people. If previously Daniel Lannes suggested an epic rigour to apparently ordinary scenes, now he brings the everyday negligence onto great scenes of the Brazilian imaginary.

Tamar Guimarães presents 16 mm film in Canadian group show

(Banff, Canada) “Séance Fiction” is a term that exists as an imagined proposition. Perhaps it is from a guide book to some future, not yet realized, a resurrected catalogue, or a dictionary entry hidden invisible between other ‘see also’ terms; such as séance, science-fiction, speculative fiction. “Capitain Gervasio’s Family”, made in collaboration with Kasper Akhøj, combines the modernity of Brazilian metropoles to the country’s astral cities.

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