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Luiz Zerbini showcases collages and large-scale paintings in London

(London, UK) The work of Luiz Zerbini—an important figure of the so-called Generation 80 in Brazil, which promoted a return to the painting medium in the 1980s—will be exhibited for the first time at the Stephen Friedman Gallery, in London. The show, named simply “Luiz Zerbini”, starts next Wednesday, February 8th, and presents both the large-scale paintings the artist became famous for, as well as some collages.


Henrique Oliveira participates in “The End of the World”

(Prato, Italy) Featuring works by three-times PIPA Prize nominee Henrique Oliveira—side by side with legends such as Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol, amongst many other artists—, the Luigi Pecci Centre for Contemporary Art presents the exhibition “The End of the World” in occasion of its reopening. Curated by director Fabio Cavallucci, the show goes until March 19th and incites its visitors to take a look at the present from a distance.

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