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Pedro Wirz sets out for a less scientific understanding of the world in group show

(Bern, Switzerland) Embracing a view of the world contrary to the scientism that reigns in contemporaneity, “Look, all this is fraud”, group show that features PIPA Prize 2016 nominee Pedro Wirz, opens this Saturday, February 11th, in Milieu, a non-profit art space in Bern. Together with other seven artists—Victoria Adam, Jan Kiefer, Dominic Michel, Adrien Missika, Yves Scherer, Philipp Simon and Marlen Keller, whose work “Alex” (2014) illustrates this post —Wirz sets out for a more emotional, irrational understanding of the world.


“Captain Gervasio’s Family” a film by Tamar Guimarães & Kasper Akhøj

(Baltimore, USA) The many spirit mediums of Palmelo, a rural city in Central Brazil, are featured in “Captain Gervasio’s Family” (2013-2014), short made by the 6-times PIPA Prize nominee Tamar Guimarães and Kasper Akhøj and currently on view at the Baltimore Museum of Art. The film, which premiered at the 55th Venice Biennale’s main exhibition in 2013 and was featured at the 31st São Paulo Biennale in 2014, is a reflexive look at the mediums who communicate with the dead and engage in psychic healing practices at a spiritual centre known as Luz da Verdade (The Light of Truth).

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