PIPA Prize 2017 Nominating Committee announcement – Friday, February 10th

The launching of the eight edition of PIPA Prize took place last week, when we introduced the 2017 Board, Regulation and Calendar.

Next Friday, February 10th, we will be announcing the members of the 2017 Nominating Committee. The committee is composed by 20 to 30 members, who are annually invited by PIPA’s Board. They are renowned professionals, Brazilian and foreigners , who work with contemporary art; artists, collectors, curators, professors, critics and gallerists. The Nominating Committee members are asked to nominate up to three artists each to participate in this year’s edition of the Prize, they must consider the relevancy of the prize as a parameter when selecting their nominees.

PIPA awards Brazilian artists with a recent trajectory, consistent production, whose works are already in evidence and known in the Brazilian contemporary art scene. PIPA’s Coordination avoids any deliberate arbitrary decision for understanding that the Committee’s nominations are more diverse, efficient and fair.

Read Luiz Camillo Osorio’s, Curator of PIPA Institute, introductory text “PIPA 2017 – new catalogue and critical texts” commenting on the novelties of the eight edition of the Prize.

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