Maria Laet participates in “The Life Aquatic”, on Man’s relationship with the sea

(Sérignan, France)

Maria Laet, who runs for PIPA Prize for the fourth time this year, participates in “The Life Aquatic”, group show curated by Sandra Patron which opened last month at the Musée Regional D’Art Contemporain (MRAC), at Sérignan, France. The exhibition, whose title was borrowed from Wes Anderson’s homonymous movie, explores Man’s ambivalent relationship with the sea, at once a setting for fantasies, rituals and tales, as well as a place of discovery and glorious victories, but also for fights that are often lost against the immensity of the ocean.

If contemporary artists still explore this theme, it is probably insofar as it is a fitting metaphor for our relationship with the contemporary world. The sea (and how we use it) symbolises our relationship with both nature with nature and its representation, and with the excesses of capitalism, north/south relations and the disastrous effects of pollution and overproduction on the biosphere and the diversity of species. The sea is not just a horizon, it is also a boundary that starving or persecuted individuals attempt to cross by any means, and the beach becomes at times a burial ground, where the dreams of migrants from all countries run aground.

Through open and polysemous works, rejecting any catastrophist and moralistic stance, the exhibition proposes to take a look at all of these questions from both a poetic and committed viewpoint. Between beauty and violence, contemplation and political awareness, “The Life Aquatic” attempts to establish an analogy between two ecosystems, that of contemporary humankind and that of the sea, this huge expanse of water which is home to many issues: our seventh continent.

“The Life Aquatic”, group show featuring Dove Allouche, Marcos Avila Forero, Hicham Berrada, Simon Faithfull, Aurélien Froment, Piero Gilardi, Maria Laet, Laurent Le Deunff, Ellen Gallagher, Jochen Lempert, Mehdi Melhaoui, Enrique Ramirez, David Renaud, Allan Sekula, Shimabuku, Maarten Vanden Eynde and Hannah Wilke
Curated by Sandra Patron
On view from March 25th to June 18th, 2017

Musée Régional d’Art Contemporain (MRAC) 
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