PIPA Prize 2016 Winner Paulo Nazareth opens solo show in São Paulo

(São Paulo, Brazil)

The objects which make up the series “Products of Genocide”, by PIPA Prize 2016 Winner Paulo Nazareth, would appear quite harmless if it wasn’t for the title they’re gathered under. Mostly cleansing and cooking products, they called the artist’s attention thanks to their brands, which are named after indigenous communities decimated by the European colonizers when they first came to Brazil, such as Tupi or Xingu.

The “ready-made” series, which was on display at the PIPA Prize 2016 Finalists Exhibition, reappears in Nazareth’s newest solo show, which opens this Saturday, April 8th, at Mendes Wood DM. Besides “Products of Genocide” – which will now be showcased inside resin boxes, in an analogy with the historical immobility of the questions these brand names brings –, the exhibition also presents a video and a series of illustrations.

The video, “Ol Ori Buruku” (2015), portraits a Nigerian immigrant who throws insults in Yoruba while on top of the second tallest building of São Paulo, Edifício Itália. The language was used by the first African slaves to come to Brazil; in the video, it assumes the role of joining a past of exploitment and acculturation with the present – where, although changed, the Nigerian man is still forced to let go his original cultural background.

At the end of the exhibition, Nazareth presents “Bestiary Capital”, a series of drawings of animals that are used as logos of products for the market in general. In addition to the drawings, there are posters of events which take place in the poorest urban fringes, in which the artist painted white circles with “efun”, also called “pó de pemba”, a substance made of lime which was used for many years to pain poor people’s shacks. Nazareth confronts both the favela and modernist architecture which still evicts people from their homes, not only geographically but also in all other contexts.

Remember below the setting up of the PIPA Prize Finalists Exhibition 2016, in which Paulo Nazareth showcased the artwork “Products of Genocide”:

“Paulo Nazareth”, solo show by Paulo Nazareth
On view from April 8th to May 13th, 2017

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