Paloma Bosquê opens her first international solo exhibition in Lisbon

(Lisbon, Portugal)

Nominated for PIPA Prize for the third time this year, Paloma Bosquê opens this Monday, May 15th, her first international solo exhibition: “O Oco e a Emenda” (“The Hollow and the Mend”), at Pavilhão Branco, part of the Galerias Municipais circuit. Curated by Luiza Teixeira de Freitas, the show features 21 exclusive new works, all characterized by the artist’s organicity and fluidity.

Bosquê’s artistic process starts mostly in her studio, where she freely plays with materials seldom used in sculpture to create compositions in space with variable scales and formats. Always in search for balance when it comes to her choice of elements, she has developed specific methods to mend, overlay and combine materials so diverse as felt, brass, coal, copper, beeswax, artisanal papers, coffee filters, and wool.

Each composition is an assortment of singular materials: felts and looms are handmade and are adapted to the artist’s choices, coffee filters are stained – each growing old in its own time – and no two goat skins are the same. Paloma Bosquê’s focus lies in the transience of the matter, in impermanence. Her usage of time and space and her sculptural vocabulary keep reminding us of how fragile are the arrangements that sustain everything we consider to be permanent, irrevocable.

Bosquê works fundamentally with the corporeality of forms and materials in their most physical, concrete dimensions, exploring the limits and the capabilities of both space and body. Her sculptures and interventions are an ode to the artisanal, manual artistic process. Each work invests in an intimate relationship with the material’s essence and physicality, and it is in the context of this relation that she decides to intervene or not, often playing with matters relating to human proportions and the dimensions and weight of each object.

“O Oco e a Emenda”, solo show by Paloma Bosquê
Curated by Luiza Teixeira de Freitas
On view from May 15th through October 8th, 2017
Opening: Monday, May 15th, at 6 p.m.

Pavilhão Branco (Galerias Municipais)
Rua Campo Grande, 245
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T: +351 217 513 232

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