R.U. presents “Just cause”, featuring three current residents in the programme

(New York, NY)

PIPA Prize partner Residency Unlimited (R.U.) opens tomorrow, May 9th, the exhibition “Just cause”, a collaboration with Black Ball Projects presenting the works of Maria Agureeva, Juan Sánchez, and Benjamin Brett. All three artists are current residents at Residency Unlimited and hail from Russia, Spain, and the UK, respectively.

The artists explore painting, sculpture and process in different ways, but their work intersects where free will and politics collide. The dichotomy is also present in the show’s title: a “just cause” can be both a cause worth fighting for, or simply an expression meaning “a valid excuse when doing something”.

Hence, the show is based on the contrasting but overlapping spheres of thought and instinct. Maria Agureeva uses her body to cast and create colorful and dynamic sculptural forms that reverberate with a kind of organic, bodily metamorphosis. Juan Sánchez looks to slow down aspects of daily life to highlight their impermanence and beauty, often commenting on aspects of labor and function. As for Benjamin Brett, he paints quasi-abstract, quasi-narrative paintings.

Winner of the last edition of PIPA Prize, Paulo Nazareth is set to join Agureeva, Sánchez and Brett this week. His stay at Residency Unlimited will be granted by PIPA Prize, as part of his 2016 award. However, once he refuses to enter U.S. soil by airplane, he has decided to walk to New York all the way from the Mexican border. Read the full story here.

“Just cause”, featuring Maria Agureeva, Juan Sánchez, and Benjamin Brett
Curated by Jason Tomme and Ana Wolovick

On view from May 9th through June 4th, 2017
Opening: Tuesday, May 9th, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Black Ball Projects
374 Bedford Ave, 1st floor – Southside Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Working hours: sat, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., or by appointment

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