PIPA Online 2017 | Voting starts this Sunday

The 1st round of PIPA Online 2017 starts this Sunday, July 16th until July 23rd. Read below about the rules, calendar, learn how to vote and meet the 52 participating artists of the eighth edition of PIPA Online.

About PIPA Online

PIPA Online is the category of the Prize in which all participating artists of this current edition are invited to participate. Participation is no mandatory. The winner is defined by the number of votes received on his/hers page, here on the website.

PIPA Online was created in 2010, the year in which the Prize was established, with the main objective of promoting and supporting the nominated artists and Brazilian contemporary art through the internet. The category is based entirely on the public participation in order to choose a winner. “The online award seeks to mainly include, give visibility, and promote artists who do not have a strong institutional presence” (Luiz Camillo Osorio, PIPA Institute Curator). In 2016 there were 10.000 calculated votes, and PIPA’s websites received more than 60 thousand unique visitors in two weeks.

PIPA Online Regulation

The voting occurs in two shifts, lasting eight days each, always from Sunday to Sunday. During this period, website visitors should access the pages of the participating artists in order to vote. The winner is the artist who receives the highest number of votes in his/her page, here on the website.

Only the artists who receive a minimum of 500 votes on the 1st round will move on to the 2nd round. The votes will be reset after the end of the 1st round and will start again at 2nd round. The 2nd round of PIPA Online will start on July 30th until August 6th.

The winner will be the artist who receives the highest number of votes on his/her page at the end of the 2nd round. The winner will receive R$ 10 thousand. The artist with the second highest number of votes will receive R$ 5 thousand. Both artists will donate a work to PIPA Institute (to be defined as a mutual agreement between the artists and the Coordination of the Institute).

In the case of only one artist receiving 500 votes in the 1st round, he/she will be declared the winner and there won’t be a 2nd round. If no artist receives 500 votes in the 1st round, there will be no winner.

How to vote on PIPA Online?

Watch below a tutorial video recorded for PIPA Online 2016. The guidelines to vote are exactly the same for 2017.

Click here to read the step-by-step guide on how to vote on PIPA Online. If still in doubt, contact the PIPA Institute Coordination at premiopipa@premiopipa.com

PIPA Online 2017 Calendar  

16th July – 1º round of PIPA Online begins
23th July – 1º round of PIPA Online ends
30th July– 2º round of PIPA Online begins
6th August – 2º round of PIPA Online ends
7th August – PIPA Online winner announcement

Follow the voting poll exclusively on PIPA’s websites. We will publish three daily posts from Sunday, July 16th until the end of the voting with the updated scoreboards. Meet the 52 artists participating of the 8th edition of PIPA Online.

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