PIPA Online 2017 starts on Sunday, July 16th

PIPA Online, PIPA Prize category in which the public chooses their favourite artist amongst this year’s nominees, starts in a week, on July 16th. From then until the 23rd, it’s time for the first voting round, which will feature 53 artists in this edition. Those who reach the 500 votes mark in this initial stage go on to compete in the second and last round of the category, which awards winner and runner-up with, respectively, R$10,000 and R$5,000. It’s important to point out that PIPA Online is the only PIPA Prize category in which all of the edition’s nominees can participate in if they wish to do so.

The best way to prepare for the voting is to check the artist’s pages: there, you can find, reunited, artwork images, critical texts, videos and curriculum of each of this edition’s participants. Another great way to get to know the artists better is by watching the video-interviews we produced in partnership with Do Rio Filmes. Available on our YouTube Channel, they uncover, in a dynamic and informative manner, the creative process and background of each of the PIPA Prize 2017 nominees.

To find out who are the artists that participate in PIPA Online 2017, as well as the category’s calendar and rules, see here.

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