PIPA Online 2017 ended | Meet the winners today at 8 PM (GMT)


The second round of PIPA Online 2017 ended last Sunday, August 6th at midnight. During seven days of voting, more than 12,000 votes were counted. The announcement of the winner and runner-up will be this Monday, at 8 PM (GMT), exclusively by PIPA sites.

By voting rules, each “voter” could vote on as many artists as he could, but he could only vote once per artist. The winner and runner-up will be the artists with the highest number of votes at the end of the second round. The first place receives a donation of R$ 10,000, and the second, R$ 5,000.

On the last day, our websites were very busy. There was a need to take greater precautions in the system.

As a result, we are checking the voting and today at 8 PM (GMT) we will be releasing the total votes received by the 12 artists who were qualified for the second round, and announce the 2 winners of the PIPA Online 2017 category.

See how was the scoreboard at 7:25 PM (BST) on Sunday, August 6th

Jorge Luiz Fonseca –3232
Musa Michelle Mattiuzzi – 2469
Aleta Valente – 1556
Lyz Parayzo – 614
Desali – 570
Éder Oliveira – 459
Mario Bands – 352
Antonio Obá – 342
Rubiane Maia – 278
Christus Nóbrega – 252
Paul Setúbal – 231
Dalton Paula – 203

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