PIPA Online 2017 | View the scoreboard on the 6th day of voting

PIPA Online 2017 is coming to an end, finishing this Sunday, August 6th. After a week full of surprises, however, don’t expect the competition’s last moments to be without some turbulence: our ballots show that every voting day has gathered approximately 1,000 new votes, summing up to 7,500 votes in total.

We remind you that, although you can vote on as many artists as you want, you can only vote once on each artist. Those amongst the 12 participating artists who have, respectively, the first and second highest number of votes, will receive prizes of R$10,000 and R$5,000.

“But how can I vote?”, you may ask. Click here and watch the step-by-step tutorial to learn how to vote for your favorite artist on PIPA Online 2017.

Keep tuned. The winners’ announcement will take place on Monday, August 7th.

Meet the 12 qualified artists, access their pages on PIPA’s websites, watch exclusive video-interviews and vote on your favorite artists.

View the current scoreboard:
(Votes calculated at 11am, August 5th)

Musa Michelle Mattiuzzi – 1699
Aleta Valente – 1472
Jorge Luiz Fonseca – 1328
Lyz Parayzo – 603
Desali – 479
Antonio Obá – 314
Éder Oliveira – 308
Mario Bands – 283
Rubiane Maia – 267
Christus Nóbrega – 241
Paul Setúbal – 222
Dalton Paula – 190

*The author of the work displayed on this post, “Retrato de um artista quando vivo”, 2008, is artist Jorge Luiz Fonseca

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