Works by all of the PIPA Prize 2017 Finalists: Antonio Obá, Bárbara Wagner, Éder Oliveira and Carla Guagliardi

PIPA Prize 2017 Finalists’ exhibition on view at MAM-Rio

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Finally: MAM-Rio opened last Saturday, September 23rd, the eighth edition of the PIPA Prize Finalists’ Exhibition, showcasing works by this year’s finalists Antonio Obá, Bárbara Wagner, Carla Guagliardi e Éder Oliveira.

Coming from very different backgrounds – each of the finalists lives in a different region of Brazil –, the four artists share, in the words of PIPA Institute Curator Luiz Camillo Osorio, “a commitment towards their own expressive truth” no matter what.

‘Intensity’ may as well be the keyword when it comes to this unique group of artists. Reflecting on the Brazilian religious universe, Antonio Obá questions in his works the idea of a said “synchretism”, bringing forward historical situations linked ethnical prejudice.

Still from Antonio Obá’s 2016 performance “Malungo: Rito para uma missa preta”

Bárbara Wagner too addresses matters regarding Brazilian culture, centering her photographic practice on the ‘popular body’ and its strategies of subversion and visibility in both pop culture and tradition.

Bárbara Wagner’s photograph depicting a preacher from the series “Crentes e Pregadores”

Carla Guagliardi’s poetics is marked by a brute delicacy. Working mostly with sculpture and installations, the Rio de Janeiro-born and Berlin-based artist is always seeking the intersections between mobility and immobility, heaviness and lightness.

“Às Parcas e ao Edi”, installation by Carla Guagliardi

Finally, Éder Oliveira mixes anthropology and painting in his researches, investigating, since 2004, the identity of the Amazon man through the theme of portraiture. Painter by métier, he’s known for his monumental works portraying socially stigmatized characters – some of his latest works feature youngsters announced as lawbreakers in the crime section of Brazilian newspapers, for example.

A site-specific by Éder Oliveira stuns people at “Arte Pará”

Chosen by PIPA Board amongst the 56 artists nominated in this edition, Obá, Wagner, Guagliardi and Oliveira run for the main category of the Prize, to be decided by the Award Jury, which is worth R$130,000. They also compete for PIPA Prize Popular Vote Exhibition, which awards the artist with the highest number of votes given by the visitors during the course of the exhibition with R$24,000 – located within the exhibition area, the ballots are open until November 5th.

We invite to get to know the PIPA Prize eighth edition finalists better through their artist pages, available here on our websites, and through the exclusive interviews we have recorded with them, published on PIPA’s YouTube. On September 23rd, we have a date.

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