Paulo Nazareth, "ent", 2017

Paulo Nazareth presents works from the “African Notebooks” project in NY

(New York, US)

PIPA Prize 2016 Winner Paulo Nazareth is most known for his walk-performances and for discussing his Afro-Brazilian and Native American heritage to investigate social constructions of race and identity. At his three-month stay at the Residency Unlimited (NY), part of of his PIPA Prize 2016 award, Nazareth started to develop an ongoing project called “Cadernos de África” (“African Notebooks“). He now presents some of these works, which are a result of his walks throughout the Americas and the African continent, at the Hic Svnt Dracones Gallery.

“Innominate” showcases sculptures, videos and magazine clippings that are part of his research on the on the immaterial legacy of the African diaspora throughout the Americas. By mapping these various spaces, communities and cultures, Nazareth aims to uncover overlooked connections, from foodstuffs to stories, traditions and folklore.

The exhibition discusses questions such as race historical oppression, black identity and how it was – and still is – exploited for the promotion of fashion and fashionability. For an artist whose work embodies the idea of the artist as a connector and a decoder, kindness is a possible foil, and also a political force, to face adversity. An embroidered flannel jacket, showcased in the exhibition, represents this possibility. Given to the artist as he slept on the streets of New York on a cold spring night by a stranger, the jacket is placed as a reminder that historical violence and the marginalization of minority identity can only be undone through the subtlety of direct human contact.   

“Innominate”, solo show by Paulo Nazareth
On view from September 18th through November 11th

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