Kiki Mazuchelli curates exhibition at Museo Mario Testino

(Lima, Peru)

Last Friday, 27th October, the Mario Testino Museum (MATE) in Lima, Peru, opened its doors to the Brazilian-born, New York-based artist Eli Sudbrack with his exhibition avaf – abstract fetishized Andean travelers”. The solo exhibition, which occupies MATE’s main gallery, as well as the museum’s external courtyard, is curated by Kiki Mazuchelli, a member of PIPA’s Nominating Committee last year and an invited member of the PIPA Prize Board this year.

Working under the acronym avaf (assume vivid astro focus), avaf’s founder, Eli Sudbrack, presents a selection of newly commissioned and existing works that reveal the most recent developments in their artistic practice. As in previous projects, the show’s title, “abstracto viajero andinos fetichizados” (roughly translated to “abstract fetishized Andean travelers”), is a slightly nonsensical derivation of the group’s acronym that playfully speaks about some of the ideas that inform the work on view.

The exhibition seeks to interact in a fun way with those who visit it, such as making the public become part of the work and not just spectators. “It’s amazing when you get the visitor to bring your work to life,” Eli said in a statement. The end result was full of energy, vibrancy and countless political references and popular imagination.

You can see photographs of Eli Sudbrack in his exhibition curated by Kiki Mazuchelli at the MATE below:

“avaf – abstract fetishized Andean travelers”
On view from October 27th 2017 to April 1st 2018
Curated by Kiki Mazuchelli

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