Cinthia Marcelle, "O conversador", 2005

Cinthia Marcelle in “Working for the Future Past”

(Seoul, South Korea)

Fourteen Latin American artists, including PIPA Prize 2010 Finalist Cinthia Marcelle, participate in “Working for the Future Past”, group that starts today, December 12th, at the Seoul Museum of Art. Addressing issues such imperialism, cultural hierarchy, and hybridity, the exhibition investigates the practice of art in the context of certain social and political scenario.

“Working for the Future Past” has its starting point in the ideological avant-garde art of Latin America in the 60’s, aiming to investigate the aesthetic methods by which art gains its vitality with the historical proposition “integration of art and life”. “The vitality of art can only kick into gear when art becomes a cultural and political comment on a society before being simply a beautiful material or practice. Therefore, this exhibition explores the complicated beauty deeply engraved in the sociopolitical context of the colonial modernity collectively experienced by the non-Western world, including Korean”, states the curatorial text.

By displaying works from 14 artists from different countries of Latin America, highlighting their consciousness about problems related to the postcolonial perspective, subjectivity and community, the show investigates how an art that is produced in response to specific political contexts could still be global. Revisiting past artistic movements in Latin America and updating the discussion of art and politics in the context of the recent global scenario, influenced by the advance of technology and modernity, the exhibition aims to work as a ‘mirror’ in the hope of finding a more appropriate path here and now, rather than a return to the uncertain past or promise of a dreamlike future.

“Working for the Future Past”, group show featuring Ailton Krenak, Carlos Motta, Carolina Caycedo, Cinthia Marcelle, Eduardo Abaroa, Gala Porras-Kim, Juan Fernando Herrán, La Agencia, La Ene, Laura Huertas Millán, Leon Hirszman, Part-time Suite, Partricia Domínguez and Roberto Jacoby
On view from December 12th, 2017 through March 04th, 2018

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