Túlio Pinto, View of the exhibition "Ground Control"

The dual nature in Túlio Pinto’s sculptures

(Zurich, Switzerland)

Order and chaos live together in Túlio Pinto‘s sculptures presented in “Ground Control”, his solo show that starts today, February 22th, at Humo Gallery. Dealing with dual nature notions in his pieces, Túlio is constantly addressing the unlike balance between the geometric and the formless, opacity and transparency, lightness and weight.

Iron bars, lines, glass bubbles, sand and asymmetrical rocks are some of the material used in the sculptures. By gathering different materials with multiple attributes, Túlio creates an “orchestration of materials, volumes and scales”, as Munir Klamnt, curator of the exhibition, says. “When we put these elements together as an integral part of a single system, the pieces become ideograms – just like an unspeakable direct speculation on the world that unfolds in front of us”, he completes.

The tension in his pieces evokes the public’s imagination: the unstable balance suggests a suspended action or movement, while the dissolution is awaiting – its fall and shattering is projected in the public’s imagination.


“Ground Control”, solo show by Túlio Pinto
Curated by Munir Klamnt
On view from February 22th through March 31st 2018

Humo Gallery
Weberstrasse 7, 8004 – Zürich
Working hours: mon – fri, 11am to 6pm
T: +41 (0) 76 445 95 64


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