Irmãos Guimarães Collective, "Luz incadescente", 2013

More critical texts in the PIPA Prize website

A window into Brazilian contemporary art. That is the main goal of PIPA Prize, founded in 2010. Reaching its ninth edition this year, the Prize is today one of the most important art awards in Brazil. And with each new edition, our “window” is broadened, be it by maintaining and updating our websites and social media to promote the art produced in Brazil today, be it by investing in new strategies to get current art production closer to the audience, such as in our recent partnership with Villa Aymoré, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to exhibit items from our art collection.

Among such initiatives, one of the most important is certainly the creation and upkeeping of our artists’ pages. Today, there are over 500 bilingual (Portuguese/English) pages featuring texts, artwork images, biographies, curricula and exclusive interviews with all of the artists who are running or have run for the Prize. Together, they form a panorama of what truly means “Brazilian contemporary art”, as well as who’s behind it.

In a constant effort to enrich the available content on our websites, we started in 2016 to publish exclusive critical texts by PIPA Institute curator Luiz Camillo Osorio. Curator at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro between 2009 and 2015 and current Head of the Philosophy Department at PUC-Rio, Osorio is a counsellor and one of the founders of the Prize. His texts go way beyond this immediate universe, however, investigating a diversity of contemporary art matters, from Cattelan’s golden toilet showcased on Guggenheim last year to the possibilities of an art without authorship. He also frequently invites artists who have already participated in the Prize and other art professionals for conversations. His last text, for example, was an interesting dialogue with the Lebanese independent curator Amanda Abi Khalil.

This year, we decided to deepen even further this contemporary art panorama by asking art critics who were either members of the PIPA Prize 2018 Nominating Committee or its Board to contribute with our websites by sending critical texts. Those will be included in each of these professionals’ pages on our platform. And, in case they discuss the oeuvre of an artist already nominated for the Prize, they will also be added to said artist’s page. This way, PIPA Prize websites are enriched with an extra reflexive material, encouraging an even more informed and diverse conversation about Brazilian contemporary art. The first text to be sent, Leda Catunda’s “The Beauty and the beast and the desire in the world”, has already been published. See it here.

The invitation for publishing critical texts on our website is open to members of Nominating Committees, Boards and Award Jury from all PIPA Prize editions. It’s worth noticing that the text does not need to be an exclusive one. To publish it, please send an email to

PIPA respects the freedom of expression and warns that some images of works published on this site may be considered inappropriate for those under 18 years of age
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