Marcia Thompson, Sem título, 2018

Marcia Thompson and Isabelle Borges together in “Lost and Found”

(Berlin, Germany)

Born in Rio de Janeiro, PIPA Prize 2018 nominee Marcia Thompson has been living in London for the last twenty years. She and a fellow Brazilian painter, Isabelle Borges – also based in Europe for the last two decades –, open together “Lost and Found” at Botschaft this coming Saturday, May 12th, at 7 pm. Although both of the artists’ works echo the neo-concrete experiments of the 50s, which made the paintings leap from the wall into the air, the two take very different roads when it comes to exploring this medium.

Often resembling the shape of origamis, Isabelle Borges’ paintings rely on lines and geometrical forms. Escaping the space of the canvas to be applied directly onto the walls or on wood-and-acrylic boxes, her compositions blur the boundaries between drawing, object, painting and architecture, exploring how space can be described as a model.

Marcia Thompson’s work, on the other hand, is pure paint, bodies of colour which disregard at once the canvas, the pictorial space, and frames. In the form of blocks of accumulated mass, these so-called paintings establish their own realm, where, according to the German curator Christoph Tannert, the pictorial is the visible trace of the imagination, a space for thought within the dimensions of concrete space.

“The interaction of their works is particularly dynamic, exposing extreme oppositions but also finding similarities,” observed the curator during the opening of the exhibition “INSCAPE” at Kunsthaus Erfurt, in which the two artists participated in 2016. “It is precisely there that the strengths of painting emerge and help boost the flagging Zeitgeist – that one can find a reason why painting, despite all the challenges and despite some hostilities (to which the medium was exposed, in parallel to the transformations of an advancing Modernity), continues to impose itself.” See some of the works exhibited in the exhibition below:

“Lost and Found”, group show featuring Isabelle Borges and Marcia Thompson
On view from May 12th through May 23rd
Opening: Saturday, May 12th, at 7 pm

Uferhallen, Uferstraße 8, 13357

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