Below is the complete list with the names of Participating Artists of PIPA, in alphabetical order, and by edition.
The profiles are constantly updated with information sent by the artists.

Participating Artists of PIPA in alphabetical order, by first names:
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Alice Miceli

(PIPA Popular Vote 2014,
PIPA Winner 2014)
"Yet I saw you", 2013, installation, marble and granite stones suspended by steel cables which lenses magnify the hatching of butterflies cocoons attached to the cables
Ana Paula Oliveira

(PIPA Online 2010)
"Andaime", 2012, 75m2, 6x1,5m, latex sobre alvenaria, Ateliê Ana Ruas
Ana Ruas

(PIPA Online Popular Vote 2015)
André Komatsu 1
André Komatsu

(Finalist 2011)
Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 2009, 80x80cm
Arissana Pataxó

(PIPA Online 2nd place 2016)
"American", 2013, photography register during performance, 100x150 cm
Berna Reale

(Finalist 2013,
PIPA Online 2012)
"Estações", 2012/2013, hut made by wood in Nogueira, countryside of Rio de Janeiro, Part of the Project Estações, for 30th São Paulo  Biennial and 13th Istambul Biennial, 500x700x400 cm.

(PIPA Winner 2013)
"Batom", 2013, oil on canvas, 130x100x4cm
Camila Soato

(PIPA Popular Vote 2013)
Cinthia Marcelle
Cinthia Marcelle

(Finalist 2010)
"Line", 2013, sikscreen on paper
Clara Ianni

(Finalist 2016)
ao vivo
Cristiano Lenhardt

(Finalist 2015)
"Duna Imóvel", 2014, object, wood and beach sand
Diego de Santos

(PIPA Online Popular Vote 2014)
"Chifrinho"["Horns"], 2014, watercolor, 44x34cm
Eduardo Berliner

(Finalist 2011)

Finalists 2016

(Finalist 2016)
Untitled, from the series "Não há instruções exatas para a localização do paraíso", 2010, mixed technique on canvas, 212x500cm
Gustavo Speridião

(Finalist 2016)
Iuri Sarmento

(PIPA Online 2011)
‘The Tree of all Knowledges’, acrylic on canvas,  230 x 250 cm
Jaider Esbell

(PIPA Online 2016)
2 em 1 ( 2 in 1)
Jonathas de Andrade

(Finalist 2011)
“Carmen Miranda – An opera of the image”, sound sculpture, various dimensions, 2010. Photograph: Sérgio Araújo.
Laercio Redondo

(Finalist 2013)
work by Leticia Ramos
Leticia Ramos

(Finalist 2015)
Luciana Magno

(PIPA Online 2015)
“Terra encantada I”, 2013, inkjet print on cotton paper, 40x50 cm
Luiza Baldan

(Finalist 2016)
atacama linha tropico de capricornio
Marcelo Moscheta

(PIPA Popular Vote 2010)
Marcius Galan 3
Marcius Galan

(Finalist 2010,
PIPA Winner 2012)
"Comics 01", 2012, ink jet print on cotton paper, wood and glass, 84x64 cm
Marco Antonio Portela

(PIPA Online 2nd place 2013)
"Marte", 2013, oil on canvas, 150x120cm
Marina Rheingantz

(Finalist 2015)
Matheus Rocha Pitta
Matheus Rocha Pitta

(Finalist 2012)
"Pão e Circo", 2012, photographic print on cotton paper, 93x70 cm (each)
Paulo Nazareth

(PIPA Popular Vote 2016,
PIPA Winner 2016)
“Escambo/similitude”, 2014, acrylic, pen, pencil, synthetic enamel on canvas and bag of seeds 115 x 129 cm
Paulo Nimer Pjota

(PIPA Online 2014)
Crossing 2003
Renata Lucas

(PIPA Winner 2010)
"Blue Bush", 2013, photograph, 80x120cm
Rodrigo Braga

(Finalist 2012,
PIPA Popular Vote 2012)
From the series "Between Mountains and Valleys", 2013, silkscreen on plastic laminate, 42X59,4cm

(PIPA Online 2013)
"Half of the speech is on the ground - drums"|five drums sets and microcrystalline wax | aprox. 200x700x500cm | 2010 | Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation Collection, Miami, USA | photo Oriol Tarridas
Tatiana Blass

(PIPA Popular Vote 2011,
PIPA Winner 2011)
O Matriarcado de Pindorama Sucumbe à Dança Estatal das Motosserras do Andrógino Fálico Presidencial
Thiago Martins de Melo

(Finalist 2014)
Thiago Rocha Pitta 01
Thiago Rocha Pitta

(Finalist 2012)
Nao Me Tema, 2008, graffiti in a demolition, site specific
Tinho (Walter Nomura)

(PIPA Online 2nd place 2012)
"Fábula do Olhar", 2013, digital photopainting printed on cotton paper, framed text, audio installation, 120x90cm (photopainting), 40x50.5x5cm (framed text), made in collaboration with the photopainter Mestre Júlio Santos, exhibition view Galeria Nara Roesler, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Virginia de Medeiros

(PIPA Popular Vote 2015,
PIPA Winner 2015)
"Perfume de Princesa", 2013/14, installation, zynch tubes, exhausters and flower and bodily scents, Museu da Cidade - Beco do Pinto/Solar da Marquesa/Casa do Olhar
Wagner Malta Tavares

(Finalist 2014)

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