Clipping | Financial Times list Brazilian artists names to watch

FT magazine, from The Financial Times,  has listed PIPA artists Renata Lucas (PIPA 2010 winner and PIPA 2011 Nominating Committee member), Marcius Galan (PIPA 2012 winner), André Komatsu (PIPA 2011 finalist), Cinthia Marcelle (PIPA 2010 finalist) and Jonathas de Andrade (PIPA 2011 finalist) as “Brazilian artists who are going global”, a new generation to keep up with due to their increasing international exposure and demand.

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Clipping | Renata Lucas wins 2013 Absolut Art Award

Renata Lucas and Coco Fusco have been announced as the winners of the 2013 Absolut Art Award, in Stockholm, by Absolut Art Award Jury President Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev.

Brazilian artist Renata Lucas receives the €20,000 cash prize for Art Work, plus up to €100,000 to develop and produce a new art work, which will be donated to an Absolut partner institution. New York-based interdisciplinary artist, writer and lecturer Coco Fusco receives the €20,000 cash prize for Art writing, plus up to €25,000 towards the publication and distribution of a new book, in collaboration with a leading publishing house.

This is the first year that the prize, established in 2009, has been presented both for Art Work and Art Writing.

The Absolut Art Award is a means of acknowledging and sustaining the activities of the most exciting creative visionaries of our time.

The Absolut Art Award was instituted in 2009 to mark 30 years of creative collaborations with artists. Since then, the Absolut Art Award has celebrated artists with the capacity to enhance social imagination and experience. Winners to date include Anri Sala (2011), Rirkrit Tiravanija (2010) and Keren Cytter (2009).

The Jury, led by 2013 Jury President Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev comprised three additional distinguished international curators: Beatrix Ruf, Chus Martínez and Maria Lind; and artist Susan Hiller. Together with the Absolut Art Bureau Christov-Bakargiev has selected ten nominators across multiple disciplines and five continents: the jurors and nominators have developed a long list of nominees for the 2013 Absolut Art Award.

Each of the five jurors and ten nominators have recommended a number of artists and one arts writer, generating a list of up to seventy-five nominees for the Art Work category and fifteen nominees for the Art Writing category. Five finalists from each category were then selected by the jury, and each finalist had been offered a stipend of EUR 2,000 to work on a proposal for a new artwork or piece of art writing. The winning artist and writer was announced at the Absolut Art Award ceremony on 20th September 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tatiana Blass | Profile on Modern Painters magazine – Blouin Artinfo

Read the article below about Tatiana Blass, PIPA 2011 winner, on the September edition of Modern Painters magazine, from Blouin Artinfo.

In three pages, the magazine builds a profile of the artist, who talks about her participation on Bienal de São Paulo in 2010 and the fact of receiving the PIPA Prize on the following year. She presented on both exhibitions the perfomance “Metade da Fala no chão – Piano Surdo”.

The article also says that Tatiana is preparing a multimedia exhibition for her first solo show in New York, which will open next month at Johannes Vogt Gallery.

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Read other articles about PIPA nominees: go to PIPA’s clipping page.

Clipping: Tatiana Blass among “50 under 50″ by Art+Auction

Who among the younger generations will have the staying power to rule the market over the long haul?

This is the subtitle of the text “50 under 50″, for a list of of the 50 next most collectible artists under the age of 50 made by the June 2013 edition of the magazine Art+Auction. Tatiana Blass is one of the two Brazilian names that appears in the list. The other is Ernesto Neto.
Read below the editors of the magazine thoughts about the selection.

Tatiana Blass was the great winner of PIPA in 2011, she was elected by the Award Jury winner of PIPA main prize, and elected by the visitors at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro, winner of PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition.
At PIPA’s exhibition she presented the sculpture/installation “Luz que cega sentado” ( “Blinding Light Seated”), 2 paintings from the series “Acidente” ( “Accident”) and a video of the performance “Metade da fala no chão – Piano surdo”( “Half ot the speech on the ground – Deaf piano”).
Click to enlarge the image below to read the text about Blass‘s selection by Art+Auction

The other Brazilian artist who appears in the list is Ernesto Neto. Neto was a member of PIPA 2010 Nominating Committee.

Visit Tatiana Blass‘s page to learn more about the artist, watch some short video interviews and also images of her works.

Art Pension Trust talks about PIPA exhibition

Art Pension Trust published in its website about PIPA 2012 exhibition.
Art Pension Trust ® (APT) is the first investment program dedicated to the interests of emerging and mid-career artists. APT’s long-term financial planning services allow artists to invest their artworks alongside a community of select artists, thereby providing a uniquely diversified, alternative income stream.

Read the full text published Art Pension Trust – Events page.

PIPA 2012 exhibition

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



From 2012-10-062012-12-02
At MAM-Rio, Rio de Janeiro

Marcius Galan APT Mexico City

From October 6th to December 2nd, Marcius GalanMatheus Rocha PittaRodrigo Braga and Thiago Rocha Pitta will show their works at MAM-Rio.

Marcius Galan and Matheus Rocha Pitta present never shown installations, Thiago Rocha Pitta shows an installation and a video and Rodrigo Braga exhibits a selection of photographies of different periods of his career.

The four finalists compete in two categories of the Prize:

PIPA – an award of R$100,000 ( including a period of three months in the residency program at Gasworks, London). The winner will be decided by the Award Jury, composed by experts in contemporary art.

PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition – an award of R$20,000. The visitors at the exhibition vote on their favorite finalist. The most voted is the winner.


The four finalists were chosen from among all nominees in 2012, by PIPA Board, based on the number of nominations received to each artist, from the Nominating Committee.

Marcius Galan was born in Indianapolis, USA, son of Brazilian parents who returned to Brazil before he could even learn to walk and talk in English. Lives and works in São Paulo, graduated in Artistic Education from FAAP in 1997.

In a short period of time and through various projects, Matheus Rocha Pitta cemented interests and strategies allowing us to identify, in a work that deepens with each new piece, critical statement on the exchange mechanisms that govern the common life.

Rodrigo Braga was born in Amazonas, raised in Recife, PE and graduated in Fine Arts from UFPE, in 2002. Currently he lives in Rio de Janeiro, and has an exhibition room at the 30ª Bienal de São Paulo.

Thiago Rocha Pitta begins to show his works in 2001, with outdoor interventions. From the beginning his work seeks an intimate relationship with nature. You could say that in his work, nature is a kind of co-author .

Frieze Magazine | Case Study with PIPA finalist

Review of the show of the PIPA 2011 finalists | Brazilian newspaper O Globo

United by the collapse – Finitude and setbacks of daily life permeate the works of the four young finalists of the PIPA prize.

In this text, the art critic, Marisa Flórido, says that the shortlisted artists for PIPA 2011, in their exhibition at MAM-Rio , even showing their works in different medias and poetics have a connection between them.
For her, the connection is the collapse that go through them.

She says that the collapse for these young artists is part of living, as much of its finitude as the everyday little setbacks, as much of the gears of power and the deviations from both the abysm between the narratives and images, and the open and arbitrary relationships between words and things.

Below the full story from the daily O Globo ( in Portuguese).

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O Globo | reports about PIPA 2011 finalists

Finalists of PIPA highlighted at Estado de São Paulo

See the report at the daily news Estado de São Paulo about the finalists of PIPA 2011.

Correio Braziliense | Seven artists from Brasília

The newspaper Correio Braziliense, explains about the selection system of PIPA and how the artists from the Brazil’s government capital were surprised with the number of nominated artists that came from there.

Mostly the artists that receive awards in Brazil are from the southeast, mainly from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

The article also mention that is rare a award like PIPA with a prize in cash, residency and exhibition in Brazil.

The artists from Brasília are: Milton Marques, Polyanna Morgana,  Luciana Paiva, Karina Dias, Nelson Maravalhas, Elder Rocha and Leopoldo Wolf.