José Rufino

João Pessoa, Brazil, 1965.
Lives and works in João Pessoa, Brazil.

PIPA 2010 and 2012 nominee.
PIPA 2011 Nominating Committee member.

José Rufino lives and works in João Pessoa, north-east Brazil. In his art works, he uses objects related to his family history like documents, letters, desks and chairs that appears in his installations, objects and drawings. A whole affective repertoire is presented in his work. The field of art becomes a place for a reinterpretation of the entire personal and family narrative. At the end of the 70′s, attends extension courses from the Extension Coordination – Coex, at Universidade Federal da Paraíba – UFPB. He developed his artistic journey passing from poetry to visual poetry, and then to art-and post designs in the 80’s. The universe of the decline of plantations of sugarcane in Brazil led to his early work on designs and installations with furniture and family and institutional documents. Son of political activists imprisoned by the Brazilian military dictatorship regime in the 60’s, the artist is also well known for his impressive art works of political character. Lately, he has forays into film language and he increasingly develops a work mixing monotypes / furniture / objects and installations.The dichotomized dialogue between memory and forgetfulness contaminates his work completely.
The most recent research of the artist deal with the irreversible failure of the body and memories.

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