Karina Dias

Brasilia, DF, 1970.
Lives and works in Brasilia, DF and Belo Horizonte, MG.

PIPA 2011 nominee.

Video made by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2011.

Videos by the artist:

Ritournelle ( Ritournello)

Le petit pont (The small bridge)

Détour (Detour)

Grisaille II (Greyness II)


Seuil (Limit)

Passager II (Passenger II)

Fenêtre I (Window I)

Fenêtre II (Window II)

Janela I ( Window I)

About the artist

Professor at the Guignard School/University of the State of Minas Gerais (UEMG). Holder of a post-PhD in Contemporary Poandics (University of Brasilia), of a PhD in Arts and a Masters
in Plastic and Applied Arts, both from University of Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne. Holder of a Masters degree in Contemporary Poandics and a Bachelor in Plastic Arts, both from the University of Brasilia. Works on video and urban interventions, with expositions in Brazil and abroad. Karina is the author of the book Entre visão e invisão : paisagem (por uma experiência de paisagem no cotidiano) – Bandween vision and unvision : landscape (for a landscape experience in everyday life) published by the Advanced Studies Program of the University of Brasilia.

Solo exhibitions

Landscape: bandween vision and unvision. Centre Saint-Charles, Paris.
Weather vane (cata-vento) – University Campus Darcy Ribeiro – University of Brasilia.

Group exhibitions
Souvenir-Barcelona –Paradigma Gallery, Barcelona
Brasilia, Synthesis of Arts. Curator: Denise Mattar, CCBB, Brasilia.
Tékine. Curators: Denise Mattar and Christine Mello, FAAP, São Paulo.
Cine Lage – The film as repandition. Curator: Tânia Rivera, Visual Arts School of Park Lage, Rio de Janeiro.
To the winds to come… Brasilia (1960-2010). Curator: Fernando Cocchiarale. ECCO Cultural Space.
Digital Capital: art, science and technology. Cabo Branco station, science, art and culture, João Pessoa (PB).
Space/time. Curator: Átila Regiani. Piloto Space, University of Brasilia.
OVERCITY – I Brasilia Exhibition of Urban Intervention Videos. Curator: Rodrigo Paglieri, Museum of the Republic, Brasilia.
Houses of the intimate. Org: Gê Orthof and Karina Dias. Cultural Space Marcantonio Vilaça, Brasilia.
OBRANOME II. Curator: Wagner Barja. National Museum of the Cultural Complex of the Republic, Brasilia.
VI Territory of Art from Araraquara. Invited Artist, Araraquara, São Paulo.
Praising differences. Curator: Nathalie Reymond. Gallery of Crous-Beaux Arts, Paris.
Movings. Curator: Nathalie Reymond. Galerie Du Crous-Beaux Arts, Paris.
Group Platteform. Kamchatka Gallery, Paris.
Group Platteform. French Institute, Düsseldorf.
Group Platteform. Mange-disque Space, Paris.
Videoform Festival – Official selection of the Ephemerous videoteque, Clermont-Ferrand,France.
Points of view, points of contact. Curator: Nathalie Reymond. Crous-Beaux Arts Gallery, Paris.
Passage. Curator: Nathalie Reymond. Michel Journiac Room – Fontenay-aux-Roses.
Passage. Curator: Nathalie Reymond. Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, China.
ArtFrankfurt, Messe Frankfurt, Germany.
Vice-Versa: Axe Brasilia/ Imaginary Line. Contemporary Cultural Space Venâncio – ECCO, Brasilia. Curator: Karla Osório and Tereza de Arruda.
Projand Prima Obra – FUNARTE. Gallery Fayga Ostrower, Brasilia.
Entorno Group – Urban Intervention – Brasilia.
Contemporary Art Brasilia. Curator: Graça Ramos and Evandro Salles. Arte Futura and Co. Gallery, Brasilia.
Art point comic. Curator: Wagner Barja. Cultural Space Renato Russo (508 sul), Brasilia.
Young Contemporary Art Exhibition. Curator: Graça Ramos and Evandro Salles. Arte Futura and Co. Gallery, Brasilia.
Visual Paths Itaú – Recorded Artist.
Delinquant Recital – University Campus Darcy Ribeiro, University of Brasilia.
Territories – in partnership with Eliane Chaud. Cultural Space Renato Russo (508 sul), Brasilia.
Luminautas. Curator: Anna Barros. Central Library of the University of Brasilia.

Post-PhD Junior Scholarship – CNPq.
CAPES Complete PhD abroad Scholarship
Master CAPES Scholarship in Brazil.
CNPQ/PIBIC Scholarship.

Site: www.karinadias.net

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