Lourival Cuquinha

Olinda, PE, 1975.
Lives and works in Recife, PE, and São Paulo, SP.

PIPA 2010, 2011 and 2014 nominee.

Video made by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2011.

Video made by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2010.

Video by the artist

Varal e Voz

About the artist

Lourival Cuquinha is a visual artist and works with many medias.

In his work, thoughts are constantly reflected on the man’s freedom and the control that society and culture have on him; and also freedom on art, and the control that the institutions have on it. By working both in the city and in the institution,  questioning the status of what is “artwork” and  checking the boundaries of the institutions when absorbing transgressive artist experiences, his works lead us to think of of ways that artists today are positioning themselves outside the art system.

However, at the same time, his works criticize the institutions, they make use of them,  negotiate their place permanently; a continuous drift between criticism and adhesion.Going through an arc that has  political inflections and poetic strength, Lourival’s work emerges as a site of challenge and leads us to think about the place that art can fill in these negotiations for the exercise of freedom, thus experiencing its scope of intervention in the art own system and in the reality that surrounds it.

He has a work that reaches the political ground, most of the time generated from his personal and strict impressions.

Not having reached the end of any academic course, but having studied chemical engineering, philosophy, law and history, he spent ten years at Universidade Federal de Pernambuco (1993 – 2002). The visual arts started in his life with an artists’ group, Molusco Lama, back in 1996 or 1997, with many actions and performances. After participating in exhibitions and group shows in Pernambuco, and having worked as designer, clip director and set designer for the music band Textículos de Mary, participates in the Mostra Rio de Arte Contemporânea in 2002. In this exhibition, together with Daniela Brilhante, is awarded for the work 1° concurso mundial do Mickey Feio. Alongside he works in the collective studio Submarino (2002 – 2004) where he exhibits and participate in many works and group actions, as in the never ended movie  MONGA. In 2003 he made, for the first time, the work Varal, at SPA -  Recife Visual Arts Week, since the he has not stopped making it Perhaps it is time, but he loves the process). This work was awarded at Olinda Arte em Toda Parte in 2003 and in the 7º Salão do Mar in 2006.  Between 2003 and 2004 he got the scholarship  Salão Pernambucano de Artes Visuais for the project Mapa do Ácaro. At the end of 2004 he shows this research at Rio Capibaribe. In 2005 he made a residency at Ècole Supérieure d’art de Aix en Provence, France. In this period, he learns french, held his first solo show and teaches a workshop of urban intervention. At the end of 2005, in Paris shows at Territoires Transitoires at the Palais de Port Doré the work Désolé. In 2006 participates in the project Rumos Artes Visuais from Instituto Itaú Cultural. Also in this year he shows at ACC Galerie, Weimar, Alemanha in the South American artists group show Die Kunst erlöst uns von gar nichts, Künstlerpositionen aus Südamerika (Art does not release us from absolutely nothing), with the work Artrafic : Le collier du Mozambique. From May to June  2007 he held the solo exhibition Costumes – minha mãe sustenta minha filha at Instituto Cultural Banco Real – Galeria Marcantônio Vilaça in Recife, Pernambuco. In May participates in the show “Verbo”, at Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo with the performance “Sogoma e a Substância: a tapioca que não é”. Produces with a team the project “Arte e Crime: Insubordinações” by Conexão Contemporânea / Funarte /Petrobras in 2008, intensifying the research in this kind of production – limit. . He also participates in 3 other projects of this same program, Conexão Contemporânea: 4territórios (RJ-PE), Dencidades (RN) e Galerias Subterrâneas (PR).  In October 2008,  participates in the project  Corpocidade in Salvador,Bahia, Brazil.In November   2008 shows his movie Customs at the University of Essex Collection of Latin American Art, Colchester, UK in the program Brazilian Video Art and Short film. In 2009, participates in the exhibitions  Novo Rosto, breve antologia do auto-retrato at Casa da Cultura da América Latina, Brasília, O Lugar Dissonante in the 47º Salão de Artes Visuais de Pernambuco and in the Brazilian Summer, Art & the City, Het Domein Museum, Holand. He is nominated for  PIPA Prize /2010 that is currently the more relevant Brazilian prize for  visual arts.  Today is dedicated to three projects: the  Macunaíma Colorau started in group in Pernambuco, the Ouvidoria together with Hrönir and the Jack Pound Financial Art Project ou Topografia Suada de Londres carried out in England by the residency program Artist Links/British Council since July 2009.

Projects and news



- Lourival has been awarded with Prêmio Interações Estéticas da Funarte!

- Lourival has made an auction together with the gallery  A GENTIL CARIOCA, in London, at FRIEZE ART FAIR, on 14–17 October 2010 (http://www.friezeartfair.com/), of the  Jack Pound Financial Art Project flag, that was made with banknotes  of people that had invested on the project. The investors received their share after  the work was sold at auction.. Read more here!

- At ArtRio 2011 ( Rio de Janeiro Art Fair), he made another auction at the booth of the A Gentil Carioca gallery, this time with the work “Financial Art”.
The unique piece is a Brazilian flag stylized, made with real banknotes of Real ( Brazilian currency) sewn. It took about R$ 3,000 in notes to the making of the work, which is part supported by investors and partly by the artist. “The concept is the work be sold at auction, because it speaks of speculation in the stock market,” said the artist. Find notes of $ 1.00 – already out of circulation – was one of the difficulties in carrying out the work.” Watch the video in which Cuquinha speaks about the work and the auction.

Represented by galleries Baró, Amparo 60 and Rainhart.

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