Polyanna Morgana

Nominated artist for PIPA 2011.

Born in Gama (DF), in 1979. Lives and works in Brasília (DF).

About the artist

Graduated in Visual Arts, currently she is doing her PHD at Brasília University.
She works as an artist and university professor.

Main group exhibitions:
-1st Exhibition of contemporary artists from the Central-West region (2011). Goiânia – Brazil;
- Brasília: Synthesis of the Arts (2010), Brasília – Brazil;
- Selected for the national contest Olheiros da Arte (2011).
- Brasília file: imaginary city (2010), Brasília – Brazíl;
- Modern Utopia (2008), Brasília- Brazil;
- Young brazilian art program , em Brasília -Brazil;
-Brazilian Situations (2005) Brasília- Brazil.
- Young Contemporary art (2002), Brasília – Brazil.
- Mapped artist in the national contest Visual Routes (2001).

Solo exhibitions
- blackbox (2002), Brasília- Brazíl
- performancedeformance (2001), Brasília-Brazil.

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