Tiago Giora

Born in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, where he lives and works.

About the artist

He is an artist working mostly with installation and urban projects, with a background in drawing. He has a master’s degree in Visual Poetics and a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Urbanism, both at the Federal University (UFRGS). Between the years of 2003 and 2007 he lived in Milan and London where he studied art history, cinema and video editing. During this period he has also participated in art workshops and exhibitions at institutions like “Fondazione Ratti” and “Viafarini” Gallery in Milan. In Brazil he has shown his work at the “Centro Cultural Sao Paulo”, “Usina do Gasometro” and “Torreao”. In addition to his production as an artist, he has been working as a lecturer and teacher, developing activities with children and adults. The main focus of this effort is to create connections between art and the everyday life, encouraging creation and critical thinking and challenging the students to build their own bridges, using the knowledge and experimental spirit practiced in class, to become more flexible and inventive in all areas of their lives.


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