Wagner Malta Tavares

São Paulo, SP, 1964.
Lives and works in São Paulo, SP.

Nominated for PIPA in 2011, 2012 and 2014.

Videos by the artist:

Herói (Hero), 2010, 6’36″

WMT, 2014, Marilia Razuk Gallery, 04’38″

Turbulência, 2014, 02’12″

Ondas curtas, 2013, 08’52″

De longe, 2013, Fundação Ecarta – Porto Alegre, Brazil, 11’56″

Uma diversão um tormento uma ocupação (An amusement a torment an occupation), 2010, 03’53″

Laço, 2010, 05’10″

Video with Wagner Malta Tavares at “Art 1 em Movimento”, showing the artwork “Perfume de Princesa”: http://arte1.band.uol.com.br/instalacao-aromatica/

About the artist

WMT – Wagner Malta Tavares uses video, sculpture, photography, drawing, collage, performance and installation to give wat to his poetic which consists of, generally, in making visible some fundamental aspects that permeate the relationships between people and, between people and the things in the world; to bring into sensible experience that which is latent.

If I were to define my work in a sentence I would probably say that I try to make some essential aspects visible through the use of primal forms and their relationship with space. I seek signs of human existance through sculptures and their projections, in order to show the various ways in which space can be occupied and changed after they are materialized.

I think of my work as a portrait of the human condition – a characteristic that gives it a kind of interiority. That is why my thoughts about a new piece are often provoked by a drawing, a book, music or even by a Assyrian relief – after all, these things are manifestations of human existence on Earth and its struggle to remain. - By Wagner Malta Tavares

Solo shows

- “WMT”, Galeria Marília Razuk, São Paulo, Brazil
- “Bermudas”, Rainhart Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
- “De Longe”, Galeria Ecarta, Porto Alegre, Brazil
- “Esquecimento”, Galeria Marilia Razuk, São Paulo, Brazil
- “Herói”, MAC Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- “Herói”, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, São Paulo, Brazil
- “Uma diversão um tormento uma ocupação”, MIS, São Paulo, Brazil
- “O Barqueiro”, Marilia Razuk Galeria, São Paulo, Brazil
- “O Barqueiro”, Galeria Anita Schwartz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- “Fantasma”, Galeria Virgilio, São Paulo, Brazil
- “Horizonte de Eventos”, ateliê 397, São Paulo, Brazil
- Centro Universitário Maria Antonia, São Paulo, Brazil
- 10,20X3,60, São Paulo, SP
- “Catapulta”, Galeria Sesc Paulista, São Paulo, Brazil
- “Reator de Dobra”, Galeria Virgílio, São Paulo, Brazil
- Programa de Exposições do C. Cultural, São Paulo, Brazil
- Capela do Morumbi, São Paulo, Brazil

Public Interventions
- “Space Invaders”, Ateliê 2&1, São Paulo, Brazil
- “Perfume de Princesa”, Beco do Pinto, Casa da Imagem, São Paulo, Brazil
- “Contato”, Castelinho do Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- “Contact”, Michigan Avenue, Chicago, USA
- “First love”, Millenium Park, Chicago, USA
- “Q”, Praça Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Brazil
- “Macacos”, Rua Jaguaribe, V. Buarque, São Paulo, Brazil
- “Bola com cobertura”, Campo Manin, Venice, Italy

Group shows
- “Höhenrauch”, Oökkulturecenter, curated by Martin Sturm, Linz, Austria
- “Seven Artists from São Paulo”, CAB, curated by R. Cintrão, Brussels, Belgium
- “Alternative Orders”, “A Glimpse of Brazil Art”, Akershus Kunstsenter, curated by Guilherme Bueno, Lillestrom, Norway
- “Proposições sobre o futuro”, MAC Curitiba, curated by Ana Carolina Rocha, Deborah Bruel, Keila Kern and Stephanie Dahn Batista, Curitiba, Brazil
- “Os primeiros 10 anos”, Instituto Tomie Ohtake, curated by Agnaldo Farias and Tiago Mesquita, São Paulo, Brazil
- “Panorama da Arte Brasileira 2011″, MAM SP, curated by Cristina Tejo and Cauê Alves, São Paulo, Brazil
- “Nova Escultura Brasileira”, Caixa Cultural, curated by A. Murucci, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- “Estou aqui”, Galeria Marilia Razuk, curated by Luisa Duarte, São Paulo,Brazil
- 17° Festival de Arte Contemporânea VIDEOBRASIL, São Paulo, Brazil
- “Quase Figura”, Galeria Marilia Razuk, curated by Tiago Mesquita, São Paulo, SP
- “Porque sim”, Galeria Millan, São Paulo, Brazil
- “Lugar Algum”, SESC Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil
- “20 Anos do Programa de Exposições do Centro Cultural São Paulo”, curated by José Augusto and Fernanda Lopes, São Paulo, Brazil
- “10 Anos da Bolsa”, Fundação Iberê Camargo, curated by Jailton Moreira, Porto Alegre, Brazil
- “A contemplação do Mundo”, Parallel exhibition to 29ª Bienal de São Paulo, Brazil
- “Feijão com Arroz”, curated de Jacopo Criveli, Quito, Ecuador
- “Paisagem Incompleta”, Museu Usiminas, curated by Jacopo Criveli, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
- “Trajetórias em processo”, Galeria Anita Schwartz, curated bt Guilherme Bueno, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- “Volograd 2008-2018″, Vídeo Festival, Volograd, Russia
- “Projéteis de Arte”, FuNARTE, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- “Accident MNAC”, curadoria de Wagner Morales, Bucharest, Romania
- X Bienal de Santos, Santos, Brazil
- “Cesium 137″, Rider project, Chicago and New York, USA
- “Contemporânea”, Iphan de Goiás Velho, Brazil
- “outro lugar”, Galeria Virgilio, São Paulo, Brazil
- Museu de Arte de Ribeirão Preto, Brazil
- Salão de Arte Contemporânea Paranaense, Curitiba, Brazil
- Salão de Arte Contemporânea de São José dos Campos, Brazil
- Programa de Exposições do Centro Cultural São Paulo, Brazil
- “Iniciativas”, Centro Cultural São Paulo, Brazil
- “Projeto Instalação”, MuBE, São Paulo, Brazil
- “olho seco”, ateliê D´aora Brandão, São Paulo, Brazil

- Prêmio Conexões Visuais FUNARTE/Petrobras
- Marcantonio Villaça/FUNARTE, Acquisition Prize, MAC Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Prêmio Interferencias Urbanas 2008, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
- Prêmio de escultura pública Parque Burle Marx [Burle Marx Park public sculpture Award], Guaíra, São Paulo, Brazil
- Prêmio aquisição [Acquisition prize], X Bienal de Santos, Brazil
- Bolsa da Fundação Iberê Camargo [scholarship], Porto Alegre, Brazil
– The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA
- Prêmio Projéteis de Arte FUNARTE ,Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Works in collections
- MAC Niteroi, RJ
- Banco Itaú S/A
- Banco Espirito Santo S/A
- Instituto Figueiredo Ferraz, Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo

Between 2001 and 2004 founds and runs an independent gallery named 10,20×3,60. The gallery exhibitions can be seen on the website www.dezevinte.com.br

He is represented by Marília Razuk gallery in São Paulo and by Rainhart in Brussels.

Site: www.wagnermaltatavares.com

Video made by Matrioska Filmes exclusively for PIPA 2011.

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