PIPA 2011 nominee.

Play [+zero] began in 2007.

Video made exclusively for PIPA 2011 by Matrioska Filmes.


About the group

Play [+zero] began in 2007 and is still going on today, continuing the proposition of discussing the empirical and philosophic fundamentals used in the spiralling and labyrinth processes of recombination found in contemporary audio-visual experiences, mediated by computational devices.

What is important to know is that play [+zero] remains open, ceaseless and continuous, a non-hierarchical dialogue that reflects on contradiction and on the experiences of alterity.
The play should not, therefore, be limited by the discourse of method as an aesthetic guideline towards the truth. Instead, it should take the flusserian doubt as an example that makes mirroring and contemplation possible, taking it as a model for contemporary categorial thought and considering doubt in opposition to modern methodologies of certainty, maintaining this doubt as fundamental for intellectual and artistic investigation.

While man is a being that reflects, man is also a being in opposition. He is a being that does not allow that which happens to him (the things that confine us) to become part of him. He
formulates sentences of disavowal. And he can do that thanks to his basis of nothingness. Man is a being constituted by nothing.

Nothingness is the silver nitrate that makes man what he is: a mirror. The mirror is a being that assumed a position of opposition: a negative position. This is why it reflects. It doesn’t allow that which surrounds it to become part of it. To reflect is to disavow and this is its structure. The answers given by the mirror are inversions of the questions that are demanded of it.
Optical equations confirm this proposition and they also confirm the analysis of reflexive thought.

Nothingness is the foundation of reflection (thought): bodenlos.
The apparatus is, just like a mirror, a being in opposition and it functions like that: beast-apparatus. It is a being that disavows and this is why it is a reflection of the real. The answers given by the play of the apparatus are always negative. To reflect is to disavow, this is its’ structure. The codes programmed into it confirm this statement: the real disavows. Those possibilities distributed fortuitously by chance also disavow.

It shouldn’t be surprising, therefore, that the basis of the apparatus is nothingness, this source of all possible disavowal.
[+zero] is, as a mechanism, a being in opposition and as such, it works accordingly. It is a being that disavows, and this is why it reflects the real. Reflects, negates and beguiles; seduces. It shouldn’t therefore be surprising that the basis of [+zero] should be nothingness, this source of all possible disavowal.

[+zero] has been shown and installed in the following games:

• heidegger em projeção/heidegger in projection (sesc são paulo,
june 2007)
• midialogia escabrosa/salatious mediology (ciantec/usp, august
• amplo salto no escuro/ large leap in the dark (galeria gag, september 2007)
• o design é a objetivação do mal/design is the objectification of evil (design fit week, september 2007)
• zquizofonia feat. +zero (4th frrrk guys são paulo, october 2007)
• zquizofonia feat. +zero (ccbb, november 2007)
• tim maia do brasil/tim maia of brasil (galeria galeria, november 2007)
• *rnd (file rio, february 2008)
• quadrifluorophosphato plano (cultural events in são paulo, april 2008)
• 8 noites de performance/8 nights of performance (international theatre festival, são josé do rio preto, july 2008)
• tacos mágicos do realismo peirceano/magical sticks of peircean realism (file hipersônica são paulo, august 2008)
• zquizofonia feat. +zero (frrrkcon são paulo, october 2008)
• visita:delíriocorporal/visit: corporaldelirium (sesc são josé dos campos, november 2008)
• c1’ (dando balão na dutch)/ c1’ (ditching the dutch) (galeria olido, march 2009)
• exercício iii: do processo aleatório da lei/exercise iii: from the aleatory process of the law (mip2, international festival of performance, belo horizonte, july 2009)
• visita: bêbado e puta no delíriocorporal/visit: drunk and prostitute in corporaldelirium (kinoforum at mis são paulo, august 2009)
• exercício iii: do processo aleatório da lei/exercise iii: from the aleatory process of the law (palacete de artes rodin salvador, august 2009)
• street fighter iv vendado/ blindfolded street fighter iv (john cage’s musicircus at the 7th mercosul biennial, porto alegre, october 2009)
• artur matuck drum kit (abciber at espm são paulo, november 2009)
• homage a ph: pai profeta e pai joão/homage to ph: father prophet and father joão (urban being festival, october 2010)
• homage a ph: pai profeta e pai joão/ homage to ph: fatherprophet and father joão (abciber at ufrj, november 2010)

[+zero] videos


O pensamento matricial é inesgotável

Abismal hipersônico

Street fighter iv vendado – musicircus

Exercício III: do processo aleatório da lei – mip2 – belo horizonte, 2009

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