Exhibition 2010 at MAM-Rio

PIPA 2010 exhibition took place at MAM-Rio from September 25th to November 14th 2010, showing the artworks of the four Finalists Artists  of PIPA’s first edition:  Cinthia Marcelle, Marcelo Moscheta, Marcius Galan and Renata Lucas.

Renata Lucas, the big winner of PIPA 2010, showed “Mínimo denominador comum” ( “Lowest Common Denominator” ), an installation that worked with the museum’s window frames,  with cuts and knobs that mislead the public with false doors.

Marcelo Moscheta, winner of Popular Vote 2010, exhibited two artworks:  “33 montanhas” (“33 Mountains”) – installation with drawings in graphite on expanded PVC and iron – and “Void” – an old topographic map worked with cuts, stamps and aliminum.

Cinthia Marcelle presented the 8’35″ video  “Cruzada” (“Crusade”), that later in the same year was awarded with the main prize  of the  Future Generation Art Prize 2010 of the Victor Pinchuk Foundation, from Ukraine.

Marcius Galan, displayed the sound installation “Desenhos (interseção)” ( “Drawings- Intersection”), 2009-2010, with speakers playing the sounds of a pencil drawing circles on a paper.

Photos by Marco Rodrigues


When buying a ticket to the exhibition, each visitor was entitled to vote on their favorite artist to win the Popular Vote.

The winner of this category, Marcelo Moscheta, received 500 votes out of a total of 973 votes from visitors.

In adition to vote, the public at the exhibition was invited to interact, recording videos with their statements on a computer, and also leaving messages on a wall.  There were about 1040 “post its” on the wall. Some of them can be seen on Facebook: click here to see.

See also the album with the photos at the opening , by Marco Rodrigues, on PIPA’s Facebook page: click here.

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