PIPA Online 2010

In 2010, the PIPA Online winner was the artist  artista Ana Paula Oliveira, that received 517 votes in her album at PIPA’s page on Facebook.

Watch the video with the announcement of the 2010 winners, click herei.

To compete in this category of the prize, the participating artist has to receive at least 100 votes. Below is the list with the artists that got more than 100 votes.

Ana Paula Oliveira – 517 votes

Lourival Cuquinha – 379 votes

Waléria Américo – 240 votes

Erika Verzutti – 227 votes

Ana Holck – 149 votes

Luiza Baldan – 125 votes

Patricia Leite – 123 votes

Ivani Pedrosa – 120 votes

Thiago Honório – 120 votes

Cleone Augusto – 116 votes

Gê Orthof – 113 votes

( Click on the name of the artists to see their respective pages, with information about their career, photos of their works and video-interviews).

Below the announcement of PIPA Online 2010:

PIPA Prize creates PIPA Online via Facebook

The most voted artist on PIPA’s  Facebook page, wll receive R$10,000 (approx. US$5,500).

The organizers of PRÊMIO PIPA (PIPA Prize) – an initiative of the Investidor Profissional in partnership with the Rio de Janeiro’s Museum of Modern Art (MAM-Rio).
The Prize, created this year to encourage and promote the production of contemporary Brazilian art, announces  a new award in the Prize. This is the  PIPA ON LINE PRIZE, worth R$10,000 (approximately US$5,500), which will be  awarded to one of the PIPA’s Prize nominated artists. The artist will be chosen by public that will vote on the social networking site Facebook.
The idea of setting up the PIPA ONLINE PRIZE arose due to the excellent production quality of the nominees, worthy of wide dissemination, and also by the wide acceptance of the Prize on its Facebook page, which already has more than three thousand fans.

The voting will be open on next August 15 and continue through October 24.The winners of PIPA Online will be announced along with the other winners of the PIPA, on October 28, 2010.

The PIPA ONLINE PRIZE is a special contribution which adds to the PIPA Prize, to be granted by the Jury Award to one of four finalists artists who will exhibit at MAM-Rio in September. The winner of the Award Jury will receive R$ 100,000 ( approx. US$54,000) (including a residency in prestigious institution Gasworks, London) – and the winner of the Popular Jury, which will receive R$20,000 (approx. US$11,000)  , a result of the voting public audience of the show. These four artists finalists received the highest number of nominations made by the Selection Jury, comprised of 32 names, among established artists, curators, independent or linked to institutions, art critics, collectors and galleries’ owners.

The PIPA ON LINE PRIZE allows people from other cities or countries to know the universe of all the nominees – and not just the four finalists – which reflects a broad segment of the Brazilian contemporary art. Besides, who can not personally visit the exhibition at MAM Rio from September 25 to November 14, 2010,  with works of the four artists finalists– Cinthia Marcelle, Marcelo Moscheta, Marcius Galan e Renata Lucas –, will be able to  either choose one of these names to be the winner of PIPA ON LINE, or to give their vote for an artist who was not a finalist.

The minimum number of votes  for the artist to be competing  is 100 “like”.

The PIPA ONLINE PRIZE is not cumulative: ie it can not be awarded to the winner of the other two modalities. If there is a match between the winners of PIPA ONLINE and the other chosen by the Jury Award and Popular Jury will gain the second most voted artist on Facebook.
TO VOTE – from August 25 trough October 24th
The artists nominated by the Selection Jury, the first phase of the PIPA PRIZE,  are the ones that are competing to PIPA ON LINE . On  PRÊMIO PIPA’s page  on Facebook, these artists have albums with pictures of their work. In each of these albums will be an image indicative of the  PIPA ON LINE PRIZE, where the visitor will simply click the  “like” button. The artist who receives the most nominations of “like” is the winner. At Facebook’s own system is not possible that the same person can “like”  one particular artist more than once. However, you can “like” more than one artist.


To see PIPA’s page on Facebook go to: http://www.facebook.com/PremioPIPA

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