Luiz Camillo Osorio in conversation with Arjan Martins

If the possibilities of mediums and supports for artistic production are as varied as possible today, Arjan Martins still recognizes in painting – whose obsolescence has even been decreed – a possibility of reinvention. Completing the series of exclusive interviews with PIPA Prize 2018  Finalists, Arjan Martins talks with the curator of the PIPA Institute, Luiz Camillo…


Jonathas de Andrade features “Africamericanos”

(Mexican City, Mexico) Africamericanos is a review and selection of historical images from main archives, libraries and newspaper libraries, as well as artistic and documental projects made by members of the community and about afro-descendants’ realities, and the African presence in the countries of the region. Matching the Decenio Internacional de los Afrodescendientes [International African-descendant Decade],…

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