The Instituto IP was founded, in 2009, by Investidor Profissional Gestão de Recursos.
The Instituto’s first initiative was to create  PIPA – Prêmio Investidor Profissional de Arte.


The Instituto IP and the PIPA Coordination are under the responsibility of:

Catarina Schedel:

Portuguese, living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, since 1984.
Graduated in Communication with specialization in Publicity and Advertising, from ESPM-RJ. She returned to Lisbon to study, under an exchange program, from August 2005 to July 2006, at the Instituto de Artes Visuais, Design e Marketing – IADE.
She attended courses of drama(at CAL and Tablado), movie script (at PUC- Rio), photography (at EAV) and development of texts (at Estação das Letras).
She worked with film production in Conspiração Filmes and in independent productions before joining the Coordination of PIPA.
Currently pursuing postgraduate studies in Art and Philosophy at PUC-Rio.

Lucrécia Vinhaes:

Board Member of Instituto IP Capital Partners.
Participates in the implementation of PIPA since its inception.
She works as volunteer at PIPA.
Architect graduated from UFRJ.
She was partner at the art gallery Alegria e Vinhaes.
Participated in the production and curatorship of many exhibitions, such as: the group show “Arte Atemporal” ( Timeless Art) at Centro Cultural dos Correios -RJ (2003) and Christina Oiticica solo exhibition – “As Quatro Estações” ( The Four Seasons) at Casa França- Brasil, Rio de Janeiro (2004-2005).
In 2006, she moved to London, where she took the course “Contemporary Art in Focus” at Sotheby’s.
Back in Brazil, in 2008, she took several photography courses at Atelê da Imagem, the course
“Arte como Conhecimento” ( Art as Knowledge) with Franz Manata (2010), at EAV-RJ and the course  “Trabalho de Arte” ( Artwork) with Lia do Rio, at Espaço Figura, which culminated in the group exhibition Alices, in 2010, at Casa Um.


− From IP capital Partners:
Luiz Motta – Website
Rodolfo Marinho, Camila Góes, Sabrina Lima and Eleina Coutinho – Management

− Press Relations:
For  IP Capital Partners  – Danthi Comunicações – Hélio Sussekind

− Videos by Matrioska Filmes:
Alice Reis, Luís Gustavo Ferraz, Luís Nachbin and Pablo Carrilho

− Legal Advice:
Pedro Genescá

- Independent
Gustavo Ballvé

From MAM-Rio
Luiz Camillo Osorio – Curator
Marta Mestre – Curator’s Assistant
Carla Marins, Mariana Boghossian and Rafael Rodrigues – Design
Hugo Bianco and Maria Amorim – Production
Cláudia Calaça, Veronica  Cavalcante, Cátia Louredo, Fátima Noronha – Museology

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