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“Neither” is based on the Barthesian concept of neutrality

(Brussels, Belgium) Roland Barthes’ concept of neutrality guides the group show “Neither”, on view at Mendes Woods DM’s newest venue in Brussels. Featuring over 40 artists (including PIPA Prize nominees Adriano Costa and Lucas Arruda) and curated by Fernanda Brenner, every artwork in the exhibition “holds the seed of this floating ‘neutral’ in itself” by offering “a new kind of awareness, removed from binary oppositions.”


Last days to visit Adriano Costa’s solo show “Chapéu Filosófico”

(Lisbon, Portugal) The mythical hat worn by Rui Chapéu (or Rui “Hat”), a famous snooker player in Brazil in the 1980, inspired the title of Adriano Costa‘s (three-times PIPA Prize nominee) latest solo show, “Chapéu Filosófico” [Philosophical Hat]. The exhibition ends this Saturday, February 25th, at Múrias Centeno, and features works that talk about art, the system of art, friends, relationships, drugs, and the codes and symbols we use to communicate today.


“Chapéu Filosófico”, Adriano Costa’s latest solo show

(Lisbon, Portugal) Rui Chapéu (or Rui “Hat”) was a famous snooker player in Brazil in the 1980s. His real name was, in fact, José Rui de Mattos Amorim; the “Hat” part was adopted after the white beret he wouldn’t take off. The mythical hat also inspired Adriano Costa’s latest solo show, “Chapéu Filosófico” [Philosophical Hat], which opens today at Múrias Centeno. According to Costa, Rui’s carefully choreographed moves at the billiard table “made me think about the need for pleasure when producing art”.


Adriano Costa presents paintings, works on paper, and a diversity of sculptures in “DearMeatCutsDevilMayCry”

(Los Angeles, USA) The exhibition will therefore reflect the booming and broken dream-state that is Los Angeles, the political and economic disasters facing Brazil at a moment when it is very much on the world stage, and the perennially decaying cornucopia of information that is the Internet, where a large part of the global population currently maintains a second residence.

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