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“How to remain silent?” addresses the current state of affairs in Brazil

(Cape Town, South Africa) After all the political and cultural scandals that succeed one another on Brazilian news everyday, “How to remain silent?”. The question guides a group show of the same name on view at A4 Arts Foundation. Featuring PIPA Prize 2015 Winner Virginia de Medeiros, it showcases works by Brazilian artists who investigate new ways of living in society.

“Pacific Standard Times: LA/LA” features over 60 exhibitions across Southern California

Presenting over sixty thematically linked exhibitions, “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA” starts this month across various venues in Southern California. The project addresses issues about the relations between Latin American art and Latino heritage and culture in the US, and has a special place for Brazil in its program: at least four exhibitions are solely devoted to the country’s art and culture.


Itaú Cultural celebrates 30 years of existence with a constellation of Brazilian art

(São Paulo, Brazil) The exhibition “Ways of Seeing Brazil: Itaú Cultural celebrates 30” showcases three decades of existence of the institution dedicated to Brazilian art and culture and highlights the series of activities carried out by the institution since it foundation in 1987. This will be the largest selection from the Itaú Unibanco Art Collection ever exhibited together, with over 750 works occupying the entire 10,000 meters area of the Oca, one of São Paulo’s architectural symbols designed by Oscar Niemeyer.


Berna Reale participates in “Please Come Back: The World as Prison?”

(Rome, Italy) PIPA Online Winner in 2012 and PIPA Prize Finalist in the following year, Berna Reale participates in “Please Come Back: The World as Prison?”, on view at the National Museum of XXI Century Arts (MAXXI). There, she joins other 25 artists in an effort to recount prison as a metaphor for the contemporary world, and the contemporary world as a metaphor for prison: technological, hyperconnected, shared and ever more closely controlled.


#InternationalWomen’sDay | 15 Brazilian female artists you should know

This week, the world celebrated International Women’s Day, a date that marks the struggle and the resilience of being a woman in modern-day society. In honor of March 8th, hence, PIPA Prize selected works by 15 female artists who have gained recognition in the history of the Prize, be it by winning one of its three categories or by making it to the edition’s four finalists. Their artistic goals and projects couldn’t be more different, as well as the media they have chosen to work with. Together, however, they prove that a woman’s place is in museums, galleries, studios—or wherever she wants to be.


Berna Reale presents solo show in Wiesbaden, Germany

(Wiesbaden, Germany) PIPA Prize 2013 Finalist Berna Reale spent the year 2015 traveling to BRICS countries, which, asides from her native Brazil, also comprises Russia, India, China and South Africa. In each of them, she developed art projects on the spot, always interested in the political and social realities she experienced. The result of these journeys, “Über uns” can be seen in Kunsthaus Wiesbaden starting this Friday, February 17th.


Berna Reale talks arts and politics in interview for Happening

Berna Reale – winner of the 2012 PIPA Online and PIPA Prize finalist in 2013 – was interviewed for the website Happening as part of the series “The politics of change: art in the political sphere”. In the piece, she reflects on the importance of discussing politics through her work and art as a vehicle for social change. “I don’t think art is capable of changing the world”, she says, “but I can try, we must try.”

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