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Berna Reale participates in “Please Come Back: The World as Prison?”

(Rome, Italy) PIPA Online Winner in 2012 and PIPA Prize Finalist in the following year, Berna Reale participates in “Please Come Back: The World as Prison?”, on view at the National Museum of XXI Century Arts (MAXXI). There, she joins other 25 artists in an effort to recount prison as a metaphor for the contemporary world, and the contemporary world as a metaphor for prison: technological, hyperconnected, shared and ever more closely controlled.


#InternationalWomen’sDay | 15 Brazilian female artists you should know

This week, the world celebrated International Women’s Day, a date that marks the struggle and the resilience of being a woman in modern-day society. In honor of March 8th, hence, PIPA Prize selected works by 15 female artists who have gained recognition in the history of the Prize, be it by winning one of its three categories or by making it to the edition’s four finalists. Their artistic goals and projects couldn’t be more different, as well as the media they have chosen to work with. Together, however, they prove that a woman’s place is in museums, galleries, studios—or wherever she wants to be.


Berna Reale presents solo show in Wiesbaden, Germany

(Wiesbaden, Germany) PIPA Prize 2013 Finalist Berna Reale spent the year 2015 traveling to BRICS countries, which, asides from her native Brazil, also comprises Russia, India, China and South Africa. In each of them, she developed art projects on the spot, always interested in the political and social realities she experienced. The result of these journeys, “Über uns” can be seen in Kunsthaus Wiesbaden starting this Friday, February 17th.


Berna Reale talks arts and politics in interview for Happening

Berna Reale – winner of the 2012 PIPA Online and PIPA Prize finalist in 2013 – was interviewed for the website Happening as part of the series “The politics of change: art in the political sphere”. In the piece, she reflects on the importance of discussing politics through her work and art as a vehicle for social change. “I don’t think art is capable of changing the world”, she says, “but I can try, we must try.”


PIPA Online promotes Brazilian contemporary art and the nominees through the internet

In 2012, Berna Reale and Tinho – 1st and 2nd place winners, were the artists who received the highest number of votes in that edition. In an exclusive video-interview, the artists discuss the importance of the award and the strategies used by each in order to win the category.

Reale recounts how she had to ask permission from the Secretary of Culture of Pará (her state of origin) in order to present her works in the Book Fair which took place at the time in Belém, and that the most important aspect of the category was the possibility of showcasing her works to people who most likely, would never have contact with it. Tinho spoke about the online campaign, created by his friends, where they elaborated comic items in order to earn more votes from the public, and gave emphasis to the online promotion, which allowed for people from Brazil and abroad to participate. Rewatch the exclusive video and get ready for the 2nd round of PIPA Online, which will start next Sunday.


On June 17th | PIPA 2016 Finalists announcement

Next Friday we will announce the names of PIPA 2016 finalists. Four artists were selected by the Board, out of this year’s participating artists, based on number of nominations, participation in previous editions of the Prize and in their trajectories. The finalists will participate in an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro from 3rd September until 13rd November, and will be competing in two categories: PIPA and PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition.


PIPA 2016 nominees will be announced tomorrow

From tomorrow (15th) until friday (19th February), we will be announcing the nominees who will compete for the seventh edition of the Prize. There are 76 artists, 1 artist collective, 28 women and 47 men. 30 have been invited to participate in the Prize for the first time, whilst 46 have participated in previous editions. 5 nominees have been finalists in previous editions. Learn more.

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