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“Pacific Standard Times: LA/LA” features over 60 exhibitions across Southern California

Presenting over sixty thematically linked exhibitions, “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA” starts this month across various venues in Southern California. The project addresses issues about the relations between Latin American art and Latino heritage and culture in the US, and has a special place for Brazil in its program: at least four exhibitions are solely devoted to the country’s art and culture.


Last days | “Sky of lead”, solo exhibition by Caetano Dias

(São Paulo, Brazil) In his new solo exhibition, “Sky of lead”, the artist presents 12 brand new works among video-installations, photographs and installations with stringed instruments. The works are mainly inspired by Canudos, an inner city from Bahia, where one of the bloodiest episodes in Brazilian history happened.


On view | “Sky of lead”, solo exhibition by Caetano Dias

(São Paulo, Brazil) One of the most consistent artists of his generation, having exhibited in several places around the world, bahiano-born Caetano Dias presents his recent production inspired in backwoods and especially in his incursions in Canudos, an inner city from Bahia, where one of the bloodiest episodes in Brazilian history happened.

Last days | Arts Triennial “Frestas” | See some of the artworks on view

(Sorocaba, Brazil) “Frestas” [“Fissures”] gathers artists from around the world in several venues across Sorocaba. Curator Josué Mattos points out that fissures at first sight “redefine the experimenting of space. They divide, reset, rename things and places inside its borders. On the other hand, there are fissures that, apart from breaking a certain surface and stopping the fluidity and they way it is perceived.” Some of the participating artists include Afonso Tostes, Bárbara Wagner, Bruno Vilela, Caetano Dias, Cao Guimarães, Lenora de Barros, Malu Saddi and Raquel Stolf.


PIPA 2015 Participating Artists | Final list

For this edition of PIPA Prize, 66 nominated artists agreed with the Regulation and sent the documentation in time. The Participating Artists list has artists from several places, around Brazil and abroad, who work with different medias. Among these artists, 28 were nominees in previous editions or the Prize. 2 of them have been finalists: Wagner Malta Tavares, in 2014; and Rodrigo Braga in 2012, when he was elected by the MAM’s visitors, winner of the Popular Vote Exhibition award. The other 37 artists were nominated for the first time this year. Read the complete list.


PIPA 2015 nominees | Full list

Check who were the 67 artists nominated for PIPA 2015. The artists that run for PIPA are chosen by the members of the Nominating Committee, which this year was composed of 26 experts in Brazilian contemporary art. Each member of the Committee indicated up to 3 artists keeping in mind the goal of PIPA to reward artists with recent history, with work already in evidence, promising and consistent. After signing the Term of Participation, agreeing to the rules of PIPA, artists will be able to run in the sixth edition of the Prize.

Know more about the artworks shown in Arts Triennial “Frestas”

(Sorocaba, Brazil) In “Contingente”, Afonso Tostes reinterprets an installation he presented first in a solo exhibition, earlier this year. Bárbara Wagner sought to depict less-known religious figures in photographs using advertising techniques to point out a silent existence. Carrying a certain mystery, Bruno Vilela’s figures seem to deprive themselves from our look; they hide in thick woods and observe us from afar. Colonization is retold by Caetano Dias in a dreamlike way. Heavy with symbols, his narratives are made of emotional, collective and individual memories. The documentary called “O fim do sem fim” by Cao Guimarães presents the viewer with direct images from an uncommon reality nowadays. Like a ghost, the voice we hear in “Uotpy” whispers, shouts and echoes the fragments of two negative sentences. Malu Saddi’s drawings and objects refer to “unknowing” and understand it as motto. More than calm or peace, Raquel Stolf’s sound installation creates the uncomfortable feeling of being in a silent country.


PIPA 2015 Nominees | 9th bulletin

This is the ninth bulletin with the nominees for PIPA 2015. There will be a total of 15 bulletins. Until now 41 artists had their names published. All of them have been indicated by the Nominating Committee, responsible for choosing the artists to run for PIPA, since there are no enrollments. The next bulletin will be released tomorrow at 11am (GMT-3). Read the nominees for this 9th bulletin.

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