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View the complete list of the PIPA Prize 2017 nominees

Meet the 65 artists who were nominated to participate in the eighth edition of PIPA Prize. The artists were nominated by at least one member of the Nominating Committee, composed of 25 renowned contemporary art professionals. Amongst the nominees, 30 artists have already participated in previous editions of the Prize, and three have been finalists. View the complete list and learn more about the categories in which they are competing for.

Carla Guagliardi

PIPA Prize 2017 Nominees | 14th Bulletin

This is the 14th bulletin announcing the names of the artists who were nominated to participate in PIPA Prize 2017. There will be 15 bulletins in total throughout the five days of announcements. We kindly request that all artists listed in this bulletin – particularly those who are being nominated for the first time – to please contact PIPA’s…

Berna Reale

#InternationalWomen’sDay | 15 Brazilian female artists you should know

This week, the world celebrated International Women’s Day, a date that marks the struggle and the resilience of being a woman in modern-day society. In honor of March 8th, hence, PIPA Prize selected works by 15 female artists who have gained recognition in the history of the Prize, be it by winning one of its three categories or by making it to the edition’s four finalists. Their artistic goals and projects couldn’t be more different, as well as the media they have chosen to work with. Together, however, they prove that a woman’s place is in museums, galleries, studios—or wherever she wants to be.


Five Brazilian artists to participate in the 57th Biennale di Venezia

(Venice, Italy) Starting three months from now, in May 13th, the 57th Biennale di Venezia has just released their artist list for this edition’s central show, and four Brazilian artists have made it: Ernesto Neto, Paulo Bruscky, Ayrson Heráclito and Erika Verzutti. Asides from them, Cinthia Marcelle, finalist in the first edition of PIPA Prize, too participates in the biennial, but in the national pavillions section—she will occupy the Brazilian stand all by herself.


On view | “Community”, in the Biennale de L’Image en Mouvement

(Geneva, Switzerland) “Community”, a Brazilian video art project by Tiago Mata Machado and Cinthia Marcelle, PIPA Prize 2010 Finalist, is on view at the Biennale de l’lmage en Mouvement exhibition. Exclusively commissioned by the event along with other 26 works, the video discusses the concepts of order and chaos and portrays, in the words of the director Machado, a “society that is always on the cusp of dissolution, of chaos and barbarism, engaged in a constant struggle to rebuild itself.”

Wang Guangyi. All the Lands in the World Belong to the King.

Opening in Beijing this week, “BRIC-à-brac” reflects on the impact of globalization

(Beijing, China) Cinthia Marcelle, 2010 PIPA Prize finalist, participates in the exhibition “BRIC-à-brac: The Jumble of Growth”, which opens this Sunday, December 10th, in Beijing Today Art Museum. Curated by Huang Du and Gerardo Mosquera, the show features works by other 23 artists and explores how art has participated or reacted to some of the changes introduced by the boom of the emerging market economies in the last years. The title of the exhibition refers, thus, not only to the French expression “Bric-à-brac” but also to BRIC, the acronym that designates the four largest emerging countries in the world: Brazil, Russia, India and China.


Art Basel Miami Beach | Sixteen Brazilian galleries participate in this year’s edition

(Miami, USA) As the end of year approaches, so does one of the art world’s favorite fairs: Art Basel Miami Beach starts next Thursday, December 1st. Reaching its fourteenth edition, the event gathers over 200 of the leading international modern and contemporary art galleries—amongst which 16 are Brazilian—distributed along nine different sectors. Moreover, this year’s edition features works produced by a number of PIPA Prize nominees, such as the finalists Cinthia Marcelle, Laercio Redondo and Wagner Malta Tavares.

Cinthia Marcelle

“Education by Stone”, an installation by Cinthia Marcelle

(New York, USA) Marcelle, PIPA Prize 2010 finalist, is known for her installations, performances, and videos, which stage forms of labor to produce poetic situations. Occupying MoMA PS1’s Duplex gallery, the installation will insert chalk, a pedagogical material to which she has re-turned throughout her career, in the building’s formerly scholastic space. Numerous rods of chalk will be lodged into the fissures and openings of the gallery’s brick walls from floor to ceiling, revealing the material’s inherent instability and fragility.

(Co) habitar

Cinthia Marcelle participates in the group show “(Co) Inhabit”

(Lisbon, Portugal) “(Co) Inhabit” brings together works by the artists Lia Chaia and Andrea Brandão that explore the habitable spaces in many aspects. On one hand, they were invited to occupy, temporarily, the same expositive space. On the other hand, their creative processes lead them to different imaginary places, formed by each personal story, culture and political view. In that way, the exhibition proposes a reflection about the city as an heterogeneous place, filled with multiple layers in constant conflict.

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