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View the complete list of the PIPA Prize 2017 nominees

Meet the 65 artists who were nominated to participate in the eighth edition of PIPA Prize. The artists were nominated by at least one member of the Nominating Committee, composed of 25 renowned contemporary art professionals. Amongst the nominees, 30 artists have already participated in previous editions of the Prize, and three have been finalists. View the complete list and learn more about the categories in which they are competing for.

Felipe Meres

PIPA Prize 2017 Nominees | 6th Bulletin

This is the sixth bulletin announcing the names of the artists who were nominated to participate in PIPA Prize 2017. There will be 15 bulletins in total throughout the five days of announcements. We kindly request that all artists listed in this bulletin – particularly those who are being nominated for the first time – to please contact…

Donald Sultan. "Untapped Cities: A fine Lyne".

“Spots, Dots, Pips, Tiles” presents the game of domino in art

(New York, USA) Believed to have been born in China in the 12th century, the game of domino is the theme of the group show “Spots, Dots, Pips, Tiles”, which opened in the Hunter East Harlem Gallery in October last year. Very popular in the neighborhood of East Harlem, the ancient game is here used both as an aesthetic reference—the case, for example, of Hélio Oiticica or PIPA Prize 2010 nominee Erika Verzutti’s works being shown—and as a metaphor, capable of representing urgent and broad themes such as political struggles, religious beliefs, and racial stereotypes.


Sleek Magazine lists “The 5 Brazilian Artists You Need to Know”

PIPA 2016 finalist, Luiza Baldan, is featured in the Sleek Magazine article “The 5 Brazilian Artists You Need to Know”. The magazine lists 5 emerging and internationally recognised artists who “have shaped the country’s status as a beacon of contemporary art”. The article illustrates the work “Perabé” by Baldan, currently on view at PIPA Prize 2016 exhibition at MAM-Rio until November 9th.


“Dynamic Encounters” during the 32nd São Paulo Biennial

(São Paulo, Brazil) The international art workshops “Dynamic Encounters”, designed by Charles Watson, will hold a special agenda, from 20th October to 23rd October, during the 32nd São Paulo Biennial. The programme will include visits to art galleries, parallel events and talks with guest critics and curators.


“Brasil, Beleza?!” offers a colorful insight into the vast land of Brazil through a selection of works

(The Hague, Netherlands) By employing various materials, forms and concepts, artists in the show discuss the fragility of a nation in constant flux, that perhaps now more than ever is being examined in the public eye as we continue to click away on our social media apps. Ultimately the exhibition makes a connection between the current economic and political instability, the preservation of modernism, and the beauty that characterize this country.


“Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today” highlights recently acquired works by more than 20 artists

(London, UK) With a focus on work made by artists born after 1968, in addition to several early pioneers who were active internationally in the 1960s and ’70s, the exhibition examines a diversity of creative responses by artists to complex, shared realities that have been influenced by colonial and modern histories, repressive governments, economic crises, and social inequality, as well as by concurrent periods of regional economic wealth, development, and progress.

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