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"South-South: Let me begin again"

Second edition of “South-South” investigates the afterlife of the political revolution in the Global South

(Cape Town, South Africa) Following a series initiated in 2015, with “The Poetry in Between: South-South”, Goodman Gallery presents this weekend the exhibition “South-South: Let me begin again”, which unites artists from the Global South—places such as Cuba, Brazil, South Africa and others. Featuring artworks by 21 artists, including PIPA Prize 2016 winner Paulo Nazareth, the exhibition investigates how the progressive ideologies being embraced in these countries in the 1980s/1990s have unfolded or collapsed.


PIPA Prize 2016: Recapping the Seventh Edition of the Prize

Here, we write a retrospective piece on what happened in the seventh edition of PIPA Prize. Nominees, finalists, the exhibition at MAM-Rio and the winners of the three categories of the Prize and much more were all remembered. For those who have missed any of the PIPA Prize events, this is your place; for those who were simply attacked by an end-of-the-year-nostalgia, too. And get ready: the eight edition of PIPA Prize is just around the corner.


PIPA Prize 2016: A selection of the best critical texts of the year

In this post, we selected some of the most interesting texts published on our online platform in 2016. Amongst interviews led by the Curator of PIPA Institute Luiz Camillo Osorio, critical essays and reflections on the current state of the arts, one conviction remains: that PIPA Prize has undoubtedly become the window into Brazilian contemporary art it has always aimed to be. May 2017 bring even more people closer to this window.


PIPA Prize 2016: Noteworthy videos you must watch again

What better way to become a “window into Brazilian contemporary art” than through the most literal window of all arts, the audiovisual? It was bearing that in mind that PIPA Prize established, since its creation, a partnership with production house Matrioska Filmes. These exclusive videos aim to discuss the most pressing issues of contemporary art today. Here, you can find a selection of the best 2016 PIPA Prize videos—to watch over and over again.


Meet PIPA Prize 2016 Winner | Watch the Announcement

The time has come: today we announce the grand winner of this edition of PIPA Prize. Chosen by the Award Jury amongst the four finalists – Clara Ianni, Gustavo Speridião, Luiza Baldan and Paulo Nazareth – the winner of the main category of the Prize is awarded R$130,000, part of which is destined to finance a three months residency programme at Residency Unlimited, in New York, USA. Ready to find out who won PIPA Prize 2016? Click here to watch the announcement, made by the Award Jury Member and Curator of MAM-Rio Fernando Cocchiarale.


Meet PIPA Prize Popular Vote Exhibition 2016 winner

The public has chosen. Find out who, among this year’s four PIPA Prize finalists – Clara Ianni, Gustavo Speridião, Luiza Baldan and Paulo Nazareth –, was declared the winner of the PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition 2016. The award, which depends entirely on the visitors of the PIPA Prize Exhibition on view at MAM-Rio, consists on an amount of R$24,000. This is not, however, the end of the race for the finalists: they are still on the run for the main PIPA Prize 2016, which will be announced exclusively on our website next Wednesday, November 9th.


PIPA 2016 Winner Announcement | Wednesday, November 9th

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) “They are four artists with very assertive, diverse and politically-charged poetics. In a country, and a world, convulsed by political crises and civilizing challenges, commitment and involvement with the current situation is the least we can expect from art”, comments Luiz Camillo Osorio, Curator of PIPA Institute. On Wednesday, November 9th we will announce the winner of PIPA Prize 2016. The winner, chosen by the Award Jury, is competing for R$130,000, including a participation in an international artistic residency programme in New York. The announcement will be made exclusively on our website.


PIPA Popular Vote Winner announcement | Wednesday, November 2nd

The winner of the PIPA Popular Vote 2016, category in which the judges are the PIPA Prize Exhibition visitors, will be announced next Wednesday, November 2nd, exclusively on our website. This year’s finalists are Clara Ianni, Gustavo Speridião, Luiza Baldan and Paulo Nazareth, and their works can be viewes at MAM-Rio until November 13th. To understand how each of the Prize categories work, meet previous editions’ winners and learn how to vote for your favorite artist, click here.

juri 2016

Meet the PIPA Prize 2016 Award Jury members

Meet the members of the PIPA Prize 2016 Award Jury. Together, they will decide which of this year’s four finalists – Clara Ianni, Gustavo Speridião, Luiza Baldan and Paulo Nazareth – will be the grand PIPA Prize 2016 Winner, receiving an award of R$130,000 and a 3-month artistic residence at Residency Unlimited, in New York, USA. The winner will be chosen according to the following criteria, which will be weight at the sole discretion of the Award Jury members: artist’s portfolio, artworks showed at MAM-Rio’s exhibition, and how relevant the prize would be to the development of the winner’s career. The PIPA Prize 2016 Exhibition is on view until November 13th at MAM-Rio.


Gustavo Speridião participates in “Inside | Outside: art and graffiti at MAM Rio”

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) A. R. Penck, from Germany, and Rio-born Gustavo Speridião, PIPA 2016 finalist, whilst being from different countries and generations, both demonstrate influences in their work that reach beyond just the history of art. By drawing on the art of both traditional culture and popular art (taken in its broadest possible sense), they reinforce the mutual interest and interchange between art and urban culture, allowing them to be influenced and reinvented by each other. From the inside out and from the outside in.

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