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“Pacific Standard Times: LA/LA” features over 60 exhibitions across Southern California

Presenting over sixty thematically linked exhibitions, “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA” starts this month across various venues in Southern California. The project addresses issues about the relations between Latin American art and Latino heritage and culture in the US, and has a special place for Brazil in its program: at least four exhibitions are solely devoted to the country’s art and culture.

Group show presents a panorama of Brazilian contemporary art production

(Phoenix, US) The exhibition “Past/Future/Present: Contemporary Brazilian Art from the Museum of Modern Art” presents one of the many possible constellations of artworks produced in Brazil from the 1990s to the 2010s. The group show starts today, September 1st, at the Phoenix Art Museum and gathers the works of over 50 artists, including 17 PIPA Prize nominees.


“Radical Women” brings Latin American female artists into the spotlight

In an effort to address the absence of Latin American female artists in the history of contemporary art, Hammer Museum opened, in September, the exhibition “Radical Women: Latin American Art, 1960–1985”. The show, which aims to give voice to the Chicano and Latino female artists living in the US and in Latin America between 1960 and 1985, presents works both by emblematic figures, such as Lygia Pape and Ana Mendieta, and lesser-known artists, such as Feliza Burztyn and Sophie Rivera. Of a total of 116 artists, twenty two of them are Brazilian, including the PIPA Prize 2010 nominee Lenora de Barros.


38 contemporary Brazilian artists participate in the group exhibition “Soft Power. Arte Brasil.”

(Amersfoort, Netherlands) The exhibition is prompted by the prospect of the Rio Olympics: the second global sporting event to be hosted by Brazil within a few months, following the FIFA World Cup in 2014. In the exhibition, Kunsthal KAdE asks what sort of country chooses to showcase itself in this way. Part of the answer to that question can be found in the work of the visual artists and artist collectives currently active in Brazil.


From 15 to 19 February meet the artists appointed by the Nominating Committee

The members of the Nominating Committee have already sent their list with names of artists they think deserve to participate in the PIPA Prize 2016. The nominees will be known from 15 to 19 February.
There are 29 nominating members, art experts from all regions of Brazil and foreigners. Some of them have already participated in other editions of the Prize, and have recorded exclusive video interviews to Matrioska Filmes. Watch the videos and meet some members of the Nominating Committee in 2016.

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