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Jacaranda, in Villa Aymoré, presents group show featuring 14 artists

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) In order to celebrate the opening of the group show “Grid”, Jacaranda, located in Villa Aymoré, promotes a get-together between its participating artists and curator (and twice PIPA Prize Nominating Committee member) Felipe Scovino this Saturday. The exhibition displays works by 14 artists – five of them PIPA Prize nominees, Ana Holck, André Komatsu, José Bechara, Lucia Koch and Raul Mourão –, all based in the concept of the grid.


Luiz Zerbini presents his foray into the universe of prints for the first time

(São Paulo, Brazil) Nominating Committee member in the second edition of PIPA Prize, artist Luiz Zerbini presents his foray into the universe of prints for the first time in “Monotypes”, which opened last Saturday at Galpão by Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, in São Paulo. Assisted by printer João Sánchez, Zerbini used rare botanical species as matrices for the pieces he showcases in the solo exhibition. The compositions favor the contours and textures of each species in a reduced palette of browns, greens and blacks.


Luiz Zerbini showcases collages and large-scale paintings in London

(London, UK) The work of Luiz Zerbini—an important figure of the so-called Generation 80 in Brazil, which promoted a return to the painting medium in the 1980s—will be exhibited for the first time at the Stephen Friedman Gallery, in London. The show, named simply “Luiz Zerbini”, starts next Wednesday, February 8th, and presents both the large-scale paintings the artist became famous for, as well as some collages.


ArtRio Carioca opens this week, showcasing 22 galleries based in Rio de Janeiro

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) In the hopes of expanding the art calendar of the city, the international fair ArtRio presents, this Thursday, December 8th, the first edition of ArtRio Carioca. Way smaller than its official counterpart, the event takes place at Village Mall and features 22 exhibitors, all of them based in Rio de Janeiro. The event has also presented a series of open talks, the last of which happens tomorrow, December 6th, where panelists Waltercio Caldas and Álvaro Piquet will discuss the theme “Collecting Art”.


“Histórias/Histories: Contemporary Art from Brazil” reflects on the country’s cultural diversity

(Florida, US) “Histórias” will showcase works by Jonathas de Andrade, Sonia Gomes, Virginia de Medeiros, Caio Reisewitz, and Luiz Zerbini, whose approaches address the varied histories of Brazil, some collective, some individual, but all rooted in reflections on the country’s complicated past and present, and vast geographical, racial, and cultural wealth and diversity.

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