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Meet the 78 nominees of PIPA Prize 2018

Throughout this week (February 19th to 23rd), we published daily bulletins, revealing the participants of the 9th edition of PIPA. The 78 nominated artists, among them 38 participating for the first time, were chosen by this year’s Nominating Committee. View the complete list of PIPA Prize 2017 participating artists: (Click on the names to see…

“Pacific Standard Times: LA/LA” features over 60 exhibitions across Southern California

Presenting over sixty thematically linked exhibitions, “Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA” starts this month across various venues in Southern California. The project addresses issues about the relations between Latin American art and Latino heritage and culture in the US, and has a special place for Brazil in its program: at least four exhibitions are solely devoted to the country’s art and culture.


Fantasies and superstitions in “Un monde in-tranquille”

(Meymac, France) “Un monde in-tranquille” opens today at Centre d’Art Contemporain Meymac and is the third part of a series of exhibitions that explores contemporary art creation on the themes of utopia, dreams, burlesque and disenchantment of the world. This year, the exhibition features 60 artists from all over the world (view the complete list below), including Maria Laet, nominated for PIPA Prize for the fifth time this year, and Pedro Motta, a PIPA Prize nominee in 2012 and 2013.


Art Basel reaches its 48th edition

(Basel, Switzerland) Art Basel’s 48th edition starts next week, presenting 291 leading international galleries from all of the six continents. Announced in February, the gallery list includes 17 newcomers, three of them from Asia and one from Africa, and five Brazilian galleries, A Gentil Carioca, Bergamin & Gomide, Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, Galeria Marilia Razuk and Galeria Luisa Strina, many of whom will be showcasing works by PIPA Prize nominees.


Maria Laet participates in “The Life Aquatic”, on Man’s relationship with the sea

(Sérignan, France) Maria Laet, who runs for PIPA Prize for the fourth time this year, participates in “The Life Aquatic”, group show curated by Sandra Patron which opened last month at the Musée Regional D’Art Contemporain (MRAC). The exhibition, whose title was borrowed from Wes Anderson’s homonymous movie, explores Man’s ambivalent relationship with the sea, at once a setting for fantasies, rituals and tales, but also for fights that are often lost against the immensity of the ocean.


Meet the PIPA Prize 2017 participating artists

View the complete list of artists chosen by the Nominating Committee who are part of PIPA Prize’s eighth edition. Read the complete list of PIPA Prize 2017 participating artists: (Click on the names to see the page of artists who participated in previous editions) Aleta Valente Alexandre Canonico Ana Luisa Santos Ana Mazzei (PIPA Prize nominee in 2014 and…


View the complete list of the PIPA Prize 2017 nominees

Meet the 65 artists who were nominated to participate in the eighth edition of PIPA Prize. The artists were nominated by at least one member of the Nominating Committee, composed of 25 renowned contemporary art professionals. Amongst the nominees, 30 artists have already participated in previous editions of the Prize, and three have been finalists. View the complete list and learn more about the categories in which they are competing for.


PIPA Prize 2017 Nominees | 11th Bulletin

This is the tenth bulletin announcing the names of the artists who were nominated to participate in PIPA Prize 2017. There will be 15 bulletins in total throughout the five days of announcements. We kindly request that all artists listed in this bulletin – particularly those who are being nominated for the first time – to please contact PIPA’s…


“Cidade Jacaranda Pequenos Formatos: Dimensão e Escala” presents an impressive panorama of Brazilian visual arts

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) A neighborhood often overlooked when it comes to the carioca art scene, Barra da Tijuca becomes the spotlight of this weekend’s cultural calendar. Aside from ArtRio Carioca, a local version of the renowned fair ArtRio on view at VillageMall until Sunday, Cidade das Artes opens this Saturday, December 10th, the exhibition “Cidade Jacaranda Pequenos Formatos: Dimensão e Escala” [“Cidade Jacaranda Small Formats: Dimension and Scale”], showcasing an impressive panorama of the Brazilian visual arts.

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