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Ranging from immersive to intimate in scale, Sandra Cinto presents new works on canvas in “Two Forces”

(New York, USA) In this new body of work, titled By Chance and Necessity, masterfully hand-drawn rock formations are layered with transparent fields of blue pigment applied to canvas using various methods. Recognizing the generative powers of opposing forces, Cinto strikes an exquisite balance: chance and control, fluid and solid, presence and emptiness are continually in conflict in her work.

Rodrigo Braga, Shelter of Landscape / Crossover Vehicle, 2015, video, two channels, color, stereo, HD, 16:9, 20 min. Courtesy: the artist and Galeria Vermelho, São Paulo

38 contemporary Brazilian artists participate in the group exhibition “Soft Power. Arte Brasil.”

(Amersfoort, Netherlands) The exhibition is prompted by the prospect of the Rio Olympics: the second global sporting event to be hosted by Brazil within a few months, following the FIFA World Cup in 2014. In the exhibition, Kunsthal KAdE asks what sort of country chooses to showcase itself in this way. Part of the answer to that question can be found in the work of the visual artists and artist collectives currently active in Brazil.


Last days | “Intersections @ 5”, featuring works by Sandra Cinto

(Washington, US) The 21 artists participating in this exhibition have engaged with the Museum’s collection and architecture in different ways by creating diverse projects—both aesthetically and conceptually—and by employing various mediums and approaches to their works, from wall-drawing, as in Sandra Cinto’s “One day after the rain”, to rubber-painting, bicycle spoke sculpture, digital photography, video projection and yarn installation.

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