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“Imagine Brazil” gathers together works by emerging Brazilian contemporary artists

(Quebec, Canada) “What you will see is a constellation of works by young artists, our view on emerging Brazilian contemporary art. We also present two further exhibitions within the exhibition: a selection of more established artists who have been invited into the show by the younger ones whom we have chosen, providing a story of recent art in Brazil, and an exhibition of artists’ books by emerging practitioners”

João Castilho - Hotel Tropical azul

New season of the group exhibition “Vértice” begins in São Paulo

(São Paulo, Brazil) With works by Antonio Dias, Berna Reale, Camila Soato, Ding Musa, Fabio Baroli, Gisele Camargo, João Castilho, José Rufino, Lúcia Koch, Marcelo Moscheta, Nazareno, Nino Cais, Oriana Duarte, Paulo Meira, Paulo Nazareth, Rafael Carneiro, Rodrigo Braga, Rodrigo Torres and Sofia Borges, “Vértice” proposes a discussion about the numerous possibilities of a collection and a set of works by different artists when presenting three curatorial visions simultaneously.

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44 Brazilian contemporary artists take part in the itinerant exhibition “Imagine Brazil”

(Quebec, Canada) “In a certain way, Brazil is an imaginary country. It is a country of spectacular nature and magic, of ethnic and social diversity. In fact, it is not one country but multiple, variable, rich and overwhelming lands. There is thus no one way to sum up the nation or the country, and the same goes for its art scene”, affirm the curators Gunnar B. Kvaran, Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Thierry Raspail.

On view | Group show “Imagine Brazil”

(São Paulo, Brazil) Curators Hans Ulrich Obrist, Gunnar Kvaran and Thierry Raspail, after months of research in Brazil, designed this exhibition. Fourteen young artists were asked, in turn, to invite an established artist whom they considered to be a reference or someone whose work was similar to their own and to whom they wished to pay tribute. Therefore, Imagine Brazil exhibits the work of 27 artists in total.

Wagner Malta Tavares

PIPA 2015 Participating Artists | Final list

For this edition of PIPA Prize, 66 nominated artists agreed with the Regulation and sent the documentation in time. The Participating Artists list has artists from several places, around Brazil and abroad, who work with different medias. Among these artists, 28 were nominees in previous editions or the Prize. 2 of them have been finalists: Wagner Malta Tavares, in 2014; and Rodrigo Braga in 2012, when he was elected by the MAM’s visitors, winner of the Popular Vote Exhibition award. The other 37 artists were nominated for the first time this year. Read the complete list.

27 Brazilian artists feature the group show “Imagine Brazil”

(São Paulo, Brazil) “Imagine Brazil” brings together 14 young artists who are amongst the most creative of Brazil’s emerging contemporary art scene. Each of these 14 young artists was asked, in turn, to invite an established artist whom they considered to be a reference or someone whose work was similar to their own and to whom they wished to pay tribute. Adriano Costa, Cinthia Marcelle, Deyson Gilbert, Gustavo Speridião, Jonathas de Andrade, Marcellvs L., Mayana Redin, Paulo Nazareth, Paulo Nimer Pjota, Rodrigo Matheus, Sara Ramo, Sofia Borges and Thiago Martins de Melo are among the names in this exhibition.


PIPA 2015 nominees | Full list

Check who were the 67 artists nominated for PIPA 2015. The artists that run for PIPA are chosen by the members of the Nominating Committee, which this year was composed of 26 experts in Brazilian contemporary art. Each member of the Committee indicated up to 3 artists keeping in mind the goal of PIPA to reward artists with recent history, with work already in evidence, promising and consistent. After signing the Term of Participation, agreeing to the rules of PIPA, artists will be able to run in the sixth edition of the Prize.

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