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Sleek Magazine lists “The 5 Brazilian Artists You Need to Know”

PIPA 2016 finalist, Luiza Baldan, is featured in the Sleek Magazine article “The 5 Brazilian Artists You Need to Know”. The magazine lists 5 emerging and internationally recognised artists who “have shaped the country’s status as a beacon of contemporary art”. The article illustrates the work “Perabé” by Baldan, currently on view at PIPA Prize 2016 exhibition at MAM-Rio until November 9th.


“Brasil, Beleza?!” offers a colorful insight into the vast land of Brazil through a selection of works

(The Hague, Netherlands) By employing various materials, forms and concepts, artists in the show discuss the fragility of a nation in constant flux, that perhaps now more than ever is being examined in the public eye as we continue to click away on our social media apps. Ultimately the exhibition makes a connection between the current economic and political instability, the preservation of modernism, and the beauty that characterize this country.


“Imagine Brazil” gathers together works by emerging Brazilian contemporary artists

(Quebec, Canada) “What you will see is a constellation of works by young artists, our view on emerging Brazilian contemporary art. We also present two further exhibitions within the exhibition: a selection of more established artists who have been invited into the show by the younger ones whom we have chosen, providing a story of recent art in Brazil, and an exhibition of artists’ books by emerging practitioners”


44 Brazilian contemporary artists take part in the itinerant exhibition “Imagine Brazil”

(Quebec, Canada) “In a certain way, Brazil is an imaginary country. It is a country of spectacular nature and magic, of ethnic and social diversity. In fact, it is not one country but multiple, variable, rich and overwhelming lands. There is thus no one way to sum up the nation or the country, and the same goes for its art scene”, affirm the curators Gunnar B. Kvaran, Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Thierry Raspail.

“Empty House – Casa Vazia”, exhibition paying tribute to Neoconcretism

(New York, US) “Empty House – Casa Vazia” is a sculpture exhibition featuring Adriano Costa, Erika Verzutti, Marcius Galan and Rodrigo Matheus, among classic Brazilian artists such as Amilcar de Castro and Lygia Pape. Challenging the rationalism and universal objectivity of early abstraction, the artists associated with this movement sought a means of expression beyond an object’s immutable formal properties, and embraced a phenomenological, at times participatory, approach in their efforts to expand the vocabulary of sculpture.

Last days | “Made by… Feito por Brasileiros”, exhibition with over 100 artists and brand new works

(São Paulo, Brazil) While explaining the concept behind the show, curator Marc Pottier makes it clear that is is not a conventional exhibition. “We prefer the term creative invasion”, he points out. The event intends to be an experience in a space that has been closed for over 20 years, that tries its best to be remembered. “We would like the public to live wholly in this abandoned place, to the point where it becomes an idea lab for the featured artists”.

Over 100 artists featured in exhibition at a historical São Paulo spot

(São Paulo, Brazil) Visitors will have the unique opportunity of seeing an exhibition gathering the works of over a hundred artists from different nationalities, half of them from Brazil. Still carrying the marks of time and negligence, the old buildings will be occupied by the lively energy of contemporary art. Most artworks were specifically made for the Hospital and will have the ethereal existence of 35 days.

Opening | “Made by… Feito por Brasileiros”, exhibition with over 100 artists and brand new works

(São Paulo, Brazil) “Made by…Feito por Brasileiros” brings works from over 100 artists in a historical place in the heart of São Paulo. For five weeks, a true creative invasion will occupy the pavilions, hallways and gardens of the old Umberto Primo Hospital, also known as Matarazzo Hospital, bringing back to life the creative energy in the old, poetic building complex.

Last days | “Imagine Brazil”, touring group exhibition

(Lyon, France) Jonathas de Andrade, Cinthia Marcelle, Paulo Nimer Pjota and Mayana Redin are just some of the 27 names featured in this exhibition, that has already been in Oslo and London and will soon travel to Canada and Brazil. In “Imagine Brazil” there is also ‘an exhibition within an exhibition’ devoted to artists’ books, as these play an important and unique role in Brazilian art today. This part of the exhibition was entrusted to Jacopo Crivelli Visconti and Ana Luiza Fonseca.

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