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The online category of PIPA occurs in two rounds. The 1st round took place from July 16-23rd and the 2nd round will run place from July 30th until August 6th. Out of the 52 participating artists, 12 managed to surpass the 500 vote mark and were classified for the second round.

Meet the 12 artists participating and vote on your favourite.Still in doubt on how to vote? Click here and watch the step-by-step tutorial on how to vote on PIPA Online.

Antonio Obá

(Finalist 2017)

Éder Oliveira

(PIPA Popular Vote 2017)

Jorge Luiz Fonseca

(PIPA Online 2017)

Musa Michelle Mattiuzzi

(PIPA Online 2nd place 2017)

About PIPA Online

The voting occurs in two shifts, lasting eight days each, always from Sunday to Sunday. During this period, website visitors should access the pages of the participating artists in order to vote. The winner is the artist who receives the highest number of votes in his/her page, here on the website. In order to vote you should have an active Facebook account. Click here to learn how to vote on PIPA Online.

The winner will be the artist who receives the highest number of votes on his/her page at the end of the 2nd round. The winner will receive R$ 10 thousand. The artist with the second highest number of votes will receive R$ 5 thousand. Both artists will donate a work to PIPA Institute (to be defined as a mutual agreement between the artists and the Coordination of the Institute).

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