Nominees 2012 | Announcement begins on Monday

This year there are a larger number of nominees than the previous editions.

They will be announced randomly, in four daily bulletins, from 9-13 April, at 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm ( GMT-3).

To be nominated, the artist needs at least  one nomination from one member of the Nominating Committee.

Not all nominated artists become a participating artist to run for PIPA award.  They need to sign the “Term of Participation” and accomplishes all the requirements of PIPA Coordination within the terms fixed.

This year the Nominating Committee has 33 members. They are artists, art dealers, collectors, critics, curators and teachers from all Brazilian regions and from abroad. All of them follow the Brazilian contemporary art.

They were asked to nominate up to 5 artists, having in mind to select an artist alive, not necessarily young but with a recent and promising trajectory, already highlighted in the contemporary arts scenario. They were also reminded, when choosing their nominees, the award and the relevancy of the international artist residency program for the development of the winner.They were told that the winners of the PIPA previous editions Renata Lucas ( 2010) and Tatiana Blass ( 2011), are not eligible anymore. The finalists and winners of the other categories ( PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition and PIPA Online) could be nominated.

PIPA Board will select from among those Participating Artists, 4 (four) finalists, taking as one of the criteria the number of indications received. Check the Timetable 2012 to know when the 4 finalists will be announced.

The 4 (four) Finalists artists should participate in the exhibition to be held at MAM-Rio. The artists may show works in any media or format. Check the Timetable 2012 to know about the exhibition schedule.

All participating artists will be running for PIPA Online category.

Only the finalists will run for PIPA and PIPA Popular Vote Exhibition categories.

For more information about the award click below:

Regulation 2012

Nominating Committee 2012

Timetable 2012

photo by Marco Rodrigues at PIPA 2011 exhibition

PIPA created PIPA Online to highlight all the participating artists and has at the exhibition a wall with screens that shows works and video-interviews from all of them.


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