Artists 2012 | Profile pages completed

After we have received the material from the artists who were nominated in this edition for PIPA for the first time.
We have recently finish all the new pages, and each artist has now its own profile page.

On the pages, there are images of artists’ works and information about their careers.
In some of them you will also find video-interviews made by Matrioska Filmes, exclusively for PIPA.

The most recently created pages are:

Gabriela Noujaim

Gisele Camargo

Vauluizo Bezerra

Renan Cepeda

Other artists made some updates on their pages.

Erica Ferrari and Estela Sokol, PIPA nominees for the first time in 2012, sent more images for their pages.

Henrique Oliveira, Lais Myrrha, Marcellvs L., and Rodrigo Bivar, nominees in 2012 and also in other editions, sent new images and also updates on their careers.

Mariana Palma, nominated for PIPA three editions, updated her page with new photos of her works.

Check out the complete list for PIPA 2012 nominees and visit their pages.

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